Tyga Has A Warrant Issued For His Arrest After Not Appearing In Court

Dave KotinskyGetty Images

A bench warrant has been issued for Tyga’s arrest after his repeated failure to appear in court.

According to court documents gathered by TMZ, legal action was taken against him because the rapper’s company, Tyga Music, has not yet paid a settlement that was awarded to a fan who was badly injured at one of his concerts in 2015. He also did not show up to the hearing for the case.

Tyga was served an order to show up. Following his absence at court, the judge issued a warrant and set his bail at $250,000, the court documents stated.

Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga’s music company after a light stand fell from the ceiling onto her, leaving a 4-inch gash on her head after the 2015 show. Riekena was awarded about $235,000 that year, which in 2017 amounts to around $250,000 after interest.

Following news breaking about the warrant, a representative for Tyga released a message to TMZ.

“Due to a last minute work obligation Tyga was traveling and was forced to miss his debtor’s exam. The judge issued the bench warrant for the sole purpose of ensuring Tyga will sit for the next debtor’s exam.”

This incident comes after in an altercation involving the rapper at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party on February 23. In honor of Mayweather’s 42nd birthday, the party was held at the Sunset Room in West Hollywood, California.

On a video that was released by TMZ, Tyga looked like he was in the midst of an argument and was being held back by security. Things turned physical, after which security dragged him outside while he shouted, “Alright bro, chill out.”

Another part of the video showed Tyga trying to reach for his security guard’s gun. The security guard prevented the rapper from grabbing the weapon.

At the time, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated that there was no record of a police report being filed as a result of the altercation.

The occurrence at Mayweather’s party was apparently in reference to Tyga’s Maybach being repossessed.The rapper reportedly negotiated a deal to lease a Maybach for $6,000 a month, but was falling late on the payments and the luxury vehicle was repossessed.The men who leased Tyga the vehicle happened to also be at Mayweather’s party, which allegedly led to the situation becoming aggressive.

Before the rapper was reportedly dragged out of the club, he crossed paths with the men, and an argument erupted where Tyga threatened them. It was after this when Tyga was removed from the building.

Apparently that was his second repossessed Maybach, and he has also had a Ferrari reclaimed.

According to Tyga, he made up with the men and the bouncer and all is forgiven.