Farrah Abraham Joins 'Penthouse' As Feminist Book Critic

Farrah Abraham, best known for being outspoken and controversial on reality television, is now transferring her pot-stirring skills to book reviews, TMZ is reporting. The Teen Mom star has just landed a book reviewing gig at Penthouse Magazine, where she'll be critiquing feminist works. Abraham has already made a statement with her first review, where she discussed critically acclaimed Slouching Towards Bethlehem by iconic writer Joan Didion.

This 1968 collection of essays is considered a classic in the feminist genre, but Abraham has an alternate take on the book that has many raising their eyebrows. Readers know they're in for a ride just from reading the title of the review, which reads "Joan Didion Is A Gin-Drinking Bore Who Writes Convoluted Books."

"Slouching Towards Bethlehem is a great book for people who abuse substances every day," Abraham says in the review.

"I had to wonder, 'Was Didion even trying when she wrote this junk?'," Abraham says in another scathing sentence.

Abraham condemns many aspects of Didion's book, such as the non-linear narrative structure, before going on to plug her own memoir. Abraham considers her book, entitled My Teenage Dream Ended, to be "closer to the truth of life."

According to E! Online, Abraham certainly has had an interesting life. She first rose to fame after giving birth as a teenager and having the experience documented on the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant. Abraham then shot to TV stardom and became a reality show staple, starring in 16 and Pregnant spin-offs such as Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG.

She even acquired her own reality show, Being Farrah. Most recently, she was a notable cast member of shows such as Celebrity Big Brother and Ex On the Beach. Add in a scandalous sex tape and plenty of legal trouble, and you've definitely got a life worth writing about! While Abraham has made a name for herself, many social media users are expressing their confusion over Penthouse opting to hire the troublemaker.

"We have just entered the Twilight Zone," tweeted one user.

"You can read?" tweeted another.

Penthouse says they are hoping to get the perspective of an "average all-American girl," referring to Abraham as "bravely brazen." The reality television star may be less harsh in her next review, however. She's said to be working on her critique of Senator Kamala Harris' book. Abraham tweeted out to the 2020 presidential candidate that she was "proud" of her and writing that it was "great to read about [her] mother." Perhaps Abraham will have more positive things to say next time around.