Hannah Brown & Demi Burnett Talk ‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’ Drama With Courtney Curtis

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Tuesday night’s The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special had many of Colton Underwood’s ladies facing off against one another as they rehashed all of the drama from this season. There were several intense moments throughout the night, but fans were stunned as Courtney Curtis lashed out at Demi Burnett. Based on comments shared after the show, it’s clear that Demi wasn’t backing down and her bestie Hannah Brown was ready to step up to help if needed.

Every season, numerous contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette form long-lasting friendships with one another. Anybody who follows the social media pages for Demi or Hannah have definitely noticed that these two have become very close to one another. While Burnett was being confronted by Curtis, even having a baby pacifier thrust at her, she held her own. However, Brown made it clear post-filming that she would have gone to great lengths to protect her bestie during that encounter if she’d been needed.

Demi told People that she was tempted to start swinging when Courtney pulled her stunt. However, she says, The Bachelor contestant told herself that this wasn’t a Jerry Springer show and she needed to calm down. As viewers saw, she threw it back at Curtis instead of getting more physical.

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Burnett explained that she’s on friendly terms with all of the other Bachelor women from this season and that she thought Curtis was ridiculous in what she did. Demi also said that she stayed true to herself during filming the season as a whole and she also became more comfortable in letting herself be vulnerable sometimes.

ET Online asked Demi if she was considering filing any charges against Courtney. Burnett said she’s not, noting that Curtis embarrassed herself enough by doing it and she got some pleasure from that. The controversial contestant admits that she was overwhelmed and freaked out by what her nemesis did, but she ultimately felt like she won as the audience was clearly on her side.

Luckily, Demi didn’t need to throw down with Courtney and get physical. However, it sounds as if her bestie Hannah was ready to help if she was needed. Brown told E! News that she was watching the situation closely.

“I wanted to see how Demi reacted cause I knew I had to have my girl’s back, so if she was about to go crazy I knew I’d have to start taking off the jewelry and back her up.”

Brown was clearly proud of how well her friend held herself together during this awkward encounter and there is no doubt that Demi and Hannah will stay tight even as the attention with Colton’s Bachelor season fades. Many fans have a hunch that both of these ladies will be back on reality television for ABC this spring or summer, with both The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise on the way, and viewers will be anxious to see what comes next for both Hannah Brown and Demi Burnett.