John & Abbie Duggar Frolic In The Snow On Honeymoon, Couple Shares Photos From Finland

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In a delayed extended honeymoon, John and Abbie Duggar are having the time of their lives. Marriage seems to agree with both of them as they are seen with huge smiles as they take in the beauty of Finland. They did take a mini honeymoon in warmer weather right after their November wedding, but this time was a completely opposite experience.

Abbie mentioned that she loves a “winter wonderland” and she certainly got her wish. John whisked his bride away to the land of snow and cold. The couple took to their joint Instagram account to post three fun photos of their special time together. The newlyweds commented that they were having loads of fun on their new adventure together.

The first photo looks like a selfie that John was shooting as Abbie gave him a sweet smooch on the cheek. She is bundled up in a cozy white jacket and a red winter headband to keep her ears from getting too cold, You can’t help but notice her blond curly hair peeping out. You also can’t help but notice the Duggar son’s huge smile as he was snapping the picture. Many fans had commented on how happy John is these days. One person said that Abbie makes his personality shine.

Another person said, “I’ve never seen John David lit up like he has been since he fell in love with Abbie! LOVE looks great on both of you!”

It sure looks like he is happier than ever. He hasn’t smiled this much until he met his new wife last year. Their whirlwind romance surprised everyone, including the Duggar clan, and is currently being shown on this season of TLC’s Counting On with it all leading up to their wedding day.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, John and Abbie made a short video clip as they announced that they were spending some in Finland as their main honeymoon. Since Abbie loves the cold weather, this was the perfect place for them. They were hoping to be able to head out to the vast wilderness in Lapland to catch the amazing Northern Lights. They haven’t mentioned yet whether that actually happened, but it appears that they did frolic in the snow, and even hobnobbed with a cute reindeer, as seen in one of the snapshots they posted. It also looks like they may have been snowmobiling with helmets seen on their heads in another photo.

There are sure to be plenty of more details emerge of John and Abbie Duggar’s honeymoon in Finland. For now, you can catch up on their road to their wedding day on new episodes of Counting On Monday nights on TLC.