Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Ava Finds Carly And Ryan Threatens Cameron

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital was crazy, and spoilers confirm that Thursday’s will be chaotic as well. Everybody is scrambling to get to Ryan, Oscar had a seizure, and lives are hanging in the balance.

The sneak peek at the end of Wednesday’s show revealed some key spoilers about what will be shown in the episode airing on Thursday, March 7. Ava went out to the car by herself to try to find her shoes, and she used the remote to pop open the trunk right as Wednesday’s episode ended. General Hospital spoilers confirm that she’ll be seeing Carly in the trunk next, and obviously that’s going to come as an overwhelming shocker to her.

Fans were confident that having the teen crew in Niagara Falls at the same time as Ryan and Ava was significant in some way. Many have wondered if one of the teens would end up harmed in some way, via an accident perhaps, and now General Hospital spoilers hint that things are going to be quite troubling for the group.

Not only is Oscar fighting for his life as his tumor has caused another seizure, but Cameron is racing to help his friends — and he’s crossing paths with “Kevin.” Cam won’t feel that he has time to stand around and chat, but Ryan isn’t going to be keen on being seen by the teen, and letting him perhaps spread the word to others.

Cameron has no idea he should be worried about seeing “Kevin” right now. However, the sneak peek shared an ominous moment as Ryan told Cam that he couldn’t let the teen go now. Will Ryan be interrupted by Ava screaming upon finding Carly — or will Cameron be harmed?

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central detailed that Cam would find himself in trouble again soon, and it certainly looks as if this is connected. Teasers for the next week or so don’t reveal anything more about Cameron. It’s not clear whether all four teens will make it back home safe and well, and fans will be anxious to see what comes next for each of them.

Some fans have speculated that Trina might become a victim of Ryan’s — and there’s been buzz that Oscar might die soon. At this point, both of those things still appear to be possibilities. Jason and Laura are traveling together to try to get to Ryan, and previews have shown that — by the end of the week — everybody will be in the middle of a major confrontation in Niagara Falls.

Thursday’s episode also brings the return of Lulu’s memories, according to SheKnows Soaps. Obviously this comes too late to identify Ryan as her attacker, since that’s been figured out — but having Lulu remember exactly what happened will still provide valuable information.

Will anybody else perish before Ryan is either taken into custody, done away with, or manages to escape? This week’s climax has been a long time coming, and General Hospital spoilers tease that it’ll be worth the long wait.