Bethenny Frankel Sobs As She Takes The Stand In Nasty Custody Battle With Ex Jason Hoppy

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

It’s day three of the court battle between Bethenny Frankel and ex-husband Jason Hoppy, and things are getting incredibly emotion in the courtroom.

Currently, Frankel and Hoppy are squaring off in court against one another for custody of their only daughter, Bryn Hoppy. Jason took the stand earlier this week to share his testimony. This morning, the Skinnygirl creator spoke to the court in a tearful testimony of her own.

According to Page Six, Frankel was inconsolable and sobbing during much of her testimony. She recalled how miserable her time with Jason was, after she filed for divorce. The 48-year-old said that living with Jason was “outward mayhem,” and that he made her life miserable after he found out that she was leaving him.

“If you leave me, you are dead to me. I want nothing to do with you,” Frankel tearfully recalled Jason telling her. “He said, ‘This is war, I’m going to destroy you, I’m going to ruin your life.'”

She claimed that Jason did everything that he could to torture her after she filed for divorce, and that he would even refer to her as a “witch” sometimes when he was reading stories to their daughter. He also made the living conditions less than ideal, basically acting like a slob just to spite his ex.

“Rotting food in the refrigerator, dishes piled to the top. He would go to the bathroom in the toilets and wouldn’t flush them. He would whistle and sing and slam doors.”

The last incident that Frankel mentioned was an encounter that she and her late boyfriend, Dennis Shields, had with Hoppy at Bryn’s school. Following the slight altercation, Bethenny filed a police report against Hoppy — because she feared that Jason was capable of doing something bad to her.

“My daughter was steps away, we were at a schoolyard, and if he couldn’t control himself… I didn’t know what he was capable of,” Frankel said.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier this week, the trial between Frankel and Hoppy began on Monday, March 4 in a Manhattan court room. Frankel is seeking sole custody of their daughter, Bryn, as she says that joint custody is no longer viable for the former couple. Frankel’s lawyer, Allan Mayefsky, gave a fiery opening statement — saying that they’re in court today because they want to protect Bryn from Hoppy, especially because he exhibited “abusive behavior” toward Frankel.

During the opening statement, Bethenny’s legal counsel accused Hoppy of some strange behavior — including sending 500 emails to Frankel in a 90 day period. Her lawyer even alleged that Hoppy would lock Frankel’s late dog, Cookie, in a storage closet.

Following the opening statements made by both lawyers, Hoppy took the stand. During testimony, he said that he regretted some of his actions towards Bethenny at the time, and admitted that he wishes he didn’t email her some of nasty the things that he did.

“I just want to move on,” he told the court.