George Clooney Pizza Box Is Real, Sort Of

Have you George Clooney’s pizza box? The A-list actor reportedly spent some time last year modeling for a cardboard portrait.

A photo has been floating around the internet showing a character who looks suspiciously like George Clooney on the back of a pizza box. The pizzeria hasn’t been identified yet but it is reportedly located in Haslach, Germany.

The photo was posted to Buzzfeed this week but similar photos have been floating around the internet for at least the last year.

Some people claim that the image is a hoax and that the actor’s face was photo-shopped into the picture. But The George Clooney pizza box has been found in Prague, the Canary Islands, Bosnia, and Budapest. Reddit world travelers have been giggling at the photo for years and posting images to the internet for Karma.

I don’t have any hard proof but it appears that the pizza box is real and is used as a generic box at various pizzerias around the world. It’s unclear if it’s actually the Cloon dog cooking pizza on the box but it definitely looks like him.

Here’s the photo from Buzzfeed.

george clooney pizza box

If that looks more like a painting than a pizza box, here’s another angle.

george clooney pizza box

Yes, that really looks like George Clooney.

george clooney pizza box face

Of course, Clooney isn’t the only actor to appear in strange places. Many people believe that Nicolas Cage is some sort of Vampire or that John Travolta is a time-traveler.

What do you think? Does George Clooney moonlight as a pizza box model?