March 6, 2019
Brazil: Far-Right President Jair Bolsonaro Posts Hardcore Pornography To Twitter

In what appears to be an attempt to discredit the famous Sao Paulo Carnival, Brazil's far-right president Jair Bolsonaro posted a hardcore gay pornography video to Twitter, The Independent reports.

"I don't feel comfortable showing it, but we have to expose the truth so the population are aware of their priorities. This is what Brazilian carnival street parties have turned into," he wrote in a Twitter message, attaching a video which shows one man urinating on another person as the crowd cheers.

Bolsonaro followed this up with another tweet, asking "What is a golden shower?"

According to The Independent, thousands of Brazilian social media users were quick to condemn Bolsonaro, accusing the president of attempting to discredit the carnival because it had contained protests against him.

American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist based in Brazil Glenn Greenwald took to Twitter to weigh in on the bizarre situation.

"I'm honestly trying hard to stop tweeting about this but every time I remember that Brazil's President literally posted a hard-core porn video to his Twitter account & then woke up & talked graphically about it today, all the multiple levels of shock compel further discussion," Greenwald tweeted.

Currently involved in a major scandal pertaining to corruption and money laundering, Bolsonaro is being accused of trying to divert attention from himself by posting the bizarre and graphic video, according to The Independent.

It comes as no surprise that Bolsonaro is purposely posting video footage of what was an isolated incident involving two men, given that he is openly homophobic and known for making outrageous statements about homosexuals.

As reported by The Intercept, Bolsonaro has long advocated against homosexuality, once going as far as saying that he would rather have his son "die in an accident than show up with some mustachioed guy."

"[Homosexuals] will not find peace. And I have [congressional] immunity to say that I'm homophobic, yes, and very proud of it if it is to defend children in schools," he once said.

Allegedly blatant and vile homophobia is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bolsonaro's extremist rhetoric, however. The current president of Brazil has praised the country's murderous military regime, threatened to rape a congresswoman, openly stated that he is a proponent of dictatorship, advocated for torture and violence against homosexuals, and praised Adolf Hitler as a "great strategist."

Bolsonaro's attempt to discredit the carnival is backfiring in a major way, however. As Glenn Greenwald pointed out on Twitter, the hashtags "#ImpeachmentBolsonaro" and "#goldenshowerpresident" are trending worldwide.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bolsonaro has already established a relationship with the Trump administration. President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton announced in November that he would be developing a strategy to confront Cuba and Venezuela together with Brazil's far-right leader.

The relationship appears to have already blossomed. Venezuelan opposition leader backed by the United States Juan Guaidó met with Bolsonaro -- who also supports him -- late February, according to Democracy Now.