R. Kelly Had To Be Physically Restrained During Explosive Interview With Gayle King

R. Kelly performs in concert at Barclays Center
Mike Pont / Getty Images

R. Kelly gave his first interview since being arrested for allegedly assaulting underage girls, but things took a turn for the worse when he appeared to be physically held back as he exploded in anger while speaking to CBS News’ Gayle King on Tuesday.

King posted a couple of photos on her Instagram page that showed moments from her talk with the disgraced singer, and in the second picture, Kelly appears to be physically restrained as he stands up just a few feet from her. While it is barely visible at first glance, an unidentified man can be seen behind Kelly, gripping his left arm as if he’s holding him back.

This was R. Kelly’s first sit-down since the airing of the explosive new documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, which resulted in fresh new accusations for the singer. Last month, he was indicted in a Chicago courtroom on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four victims, with three of them being minors at the time the alleged crimes were committed, as reported by The Daily Mail.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges, but if he is indeed convicted, he could be looking at a 70-year prison sentence (seven years for each of the 10 counts). In his tearful interview with King, he denied all the accusations, and said he “didn’t do this stuff.”

“This is not me. I’m fighting for my f*****g life,” he said.

He claimed that the allegations that he raped underage girls were just rumors, adding “whether they’re old rumors, new rumors, future rumors… Not true.” The 52-year-old singer said this was an attempt at “double jeopardy” — when the legal system determines that a defendant cannot be tried on the same or similar charges after they have been previously acquitted — and cited his 2008 acquittal to back up his innocence claims.

“I beat my case. We can’t double-jeopardy me like that. You can’t. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to nobody. When you beat your case, you beat your case,” he told King on Tuesday.

Many of R. Kelly’s alleged new victims said they have decided to come forward now as they thought law enforcement was more likely to believe them in the current environment, especially following the #MeToo movement’s growth in popularity.


Recently, prosecutors stated that the alleged victims included a teenage girl he met during his highly-publicized 2008 trial on child pornography charges (of which he was acquitted), another 16-year-old that he met at her own birthday party, as well as his hairdresser, who, at the time of the alleged crime, was 24. According to prosecutors, there is a fourth charge based on a videotape that reportedly shows the singer engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old.

When King asked him if he had ever been with a girl against her will, he replied: “I don’t need to. Why would I?”

“How stupid would it be for R. Kelly, with all I’ve been through in my way, way past, to hold somebody, let alone four, five, six, 50, you said – how stupid would I be to do that?”

“Forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me. Hate me if you want to, love me if you want. But just use your common sense,” he added.