Scott Brown Denies Drunk Tweeting Hater Flash Mob [Video]

Scot Brown denies drunk tweeting

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has categorically denied drunk tweeting when he sent “whatever” and “bqhatevwr” tweets to what appeared to be a flash mob of trolls that descended upon his Twitter account a few weeks ago.

In an interview with the Fox Boston affiliate, Brown commented on the tweets that attracted a lot of attention:

“Anyone ever hear of pocket tweet, pocket dial? I mean it was pretty simple, you know. I have an iPhone 5. If anyone has an iPhone 5, the keys are small. It’s very, very sensitive.”

Brown, who recently signed on as a Fox News Channel commentator, explained that his daughter Ayla was teaching him some of the finer points of Facebook and Twitter that he didn’t fully understand:

“It was after her concert, we were here right in the living room and I responded to a couple of people. And then I put [the iPhone] in my pocket. The next thing, I wake up and I said — it trended worldwide. Worldwide trending on a pocket tweet.

Scott Brown added the “bqhatevwr” tweets had nothing whatsoever to do with imbibing too many adult beverages:

“First of all, I rarely drink. The last time I was ever drunk was at my bachelor party and that was what, 28 years ago, 27 years ago. So I guess no one has ever pocket dialed or pocket tweeted before.”

The former GOP senator admitted that he is keeping all his options open, including the possibility of running for Massachusetts governor in 2014. In the meantime, he is “recharging his batteries” by learning to play the guitar and learning Spanish.

Brown expressed confidence that he probably could have won the special Senate election in June, but he did confirm that running what would have amounted to four election campaigns in four years was a bit too onerous. Brown remains very popular in the state despite his loss to Elizabeth Warren which was probably primarily due to Obama’s coattails in Massachusetts.

Watch the Scott Brown interview with Maria Stephanos of Fox 25 Boston: