‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Owen’s Sister Megan Hunt Returning In Season 15

In a flashback to Iraq in 2007, the events leading up to Megan’s kidnapping are revealed
Mitch Haaseth / Disney ABC

When Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) joined what was then Seattle Grace Hospital in Grey’s Anatomy, it was revealed that he had a sister, Megan (Abigail Spencer), who had died in Iraq. She had been a surgeon in the United States Military along with her brother and a few other friends, but had disappeared in what was presumed to be a helicopter crash and was never heard from again.

That is, until the end of Season 13. News came through that she had been found alive and was returning home to Seattle after a decade of being missing. The news shocked Owen, leading him into an overprotective meltdown over his sister. Shortly after her arrival, she decided she wanted to start her life over in a new place away from her brother.

Just five episodes after her arrival, Megan was gone again, traveling down to California to begin her life again as a free woman.

Now it appears that Megan will be making a (brief) return to Grey’s Anatomy, with a guest appearance touted to take place during the current Season 15, according to E! News.

According to the publication, it’s not yet known if Riggs, her fiance from before she disappeared (and titular character Meredith Grey’s significant other from before Megan’s return) will also be making an appearance with her, given that he moved to Los Angeles with her.

Spencer took to social media to confirm her imminent return to the popular medical drama.

Of course, aside from the fact that Megan will be returning to the series, details on when, why, and how are being kept close to the chest at ABC Studios.

The role of Meghan was originally played by Bridget Regan when Owen first mentioned her in flashbacks that looked back to before her disappearance. Unfortunately, Regan was unable to return to the show when producers and writers decided it was time for Megan to come back to the world of the living, so the role was recast to Spencer.

Grey’s Anatomy still has 10 episodes left to complete Season 15, after it was announced early in 2019 that it would be extended from 22 episodes to 25. Just last week, when Episode 15 aired, the show became the longest running medical drama in history, surpassing ER‘s impressive 15-season run.

The cast and producers of Grey’s show no signs of slowing either. The show has already been renewed for Season 16 starting in September.