Enzo Amore Has No Idea That King Kong Bundy And George ‘The Animal’ Steele Are Two Different People


The wrestling world was filled with sadness on Tuesday morning as news of King Kong Bundy’s passing began making the rounds. The giant among men had a long career in the ring with WWE and other promotions while also appearing in a number of films during his life. Numerous wrestling personalities and fans paid tribute to him and honored his memory on Tuesday, but Enzo Amore just couldn’t do it right.

The Inquisitr reported that David Herro, Bundy’s long-time friend and promoted, confirmed the news of the former WWF/WWE superstar’s passing. King Kong Bundy was 61-years-old and his cause of death has not yet been revealed.

It appears as if Bundy’s death may have been quite sudden an unexpected as he was active on Twitter not long before he passed away. He also was scheduled for a number of upcoming events going into mid-April which means he was well enough to travel and make those appearances with the fans.

Numerous superstars from WWE paid their respects to him on social media while wrestlers from around the world shared memories of King Kong Bundy. Many of them were quite touching and the stories from the past were great to read as so many cared for the gentle giant.

While going through the tributes on social media, former WWE superstar Enzo Amore’s was one of those that began getting a lot of attention. At first, it seemed kind and sincere like so many others, but fans soon caught on to a bit of an error in his tweet.

Enzo Amore doesn’t seem to know the difference between King Kong Bundy and George “The Animal” Steele.

Amore started out the tribute in a decent way by hoping that Bundy would rest in peace and he even shared a memory of the wrestler. By the end of his tweet, though, he had stumbled into a serious mistake that many wrestlers and fans called him out on.

Enzo spoke of never forgetting the “guy w/ the green tongue who ate the turnbuckle.” Anyone who is a true wrestling fan knows that wasn’t Bundy, but it was George “The Animal” Steele who had a green tongue and tore open turnbuckles to eat them and throw the stuffing around.

A couple of hours later, there had been more than enough people who pointed out Amore’s mistake. He decided to poke a bit of fun at himself with a new tweet and a picture that generated a few laughs.