Corey Feldman Lashes Out At Parents Of Michael Jackson’s Accusers After Seeing ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary

Gabriel OlsenGetty Images

Corey Feldman has been vocal about his support of Michael Jackson amid the longstanding abuse allegations against him, and now, in the wake of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, he is blasting the parents of the late pop star’s accusers. In the explosive HBO film, Wade Robson and James Safechuck spoke about years of alleged abuse by Jackson during their relationships with the singer in the 1980s and ’90s when they were young boys.

While Feldman reiterates that he is not accusing the movie’s subjects of lying about their experiences with Michael Jackson, he is blaming the alleged victims’ parents for allowing their young sons to be left alone with Jackson in the first place.

Of his own experience, Corey Feldman, who was known for his close friendship with Michael Jackson when he was a child star in films like Stand By Me and The Goonies, told Page Six that his own relationship with the “Thriller” singer was “strictly aboveboard.”

Feldman said that when he was a young star, he and Michael Jackson would spend hours on the phone and bonded over growing up in the entertainment industry without normal childhood. Corey added that he and Jackson both came from abusive homes and that they connected on many levels, but never in a physical way.

As for Robson and Safechuck, who began hanging out with Jackson a few years after he did, the former child star stopped short of accusing them of lying, admitting he “wasn’t there” and can only base his defense of Jackson on his own experiences. But while Corey said that “every victim’s voice must be taken seriously,” he blamed the accusers’ parents for allowing their sons to be alone with Jackson in the first place.

“To me, the most shocking and appalling part of this whole thing are the actions and misdeeds made by the parents of both children, and the decision to allow their kids to be unaccompanied in the presence of an adult they did not know and trust. As a father, I could not ever imagine allowing my child to go off with a grown man I did not consider as close as family without any adult supervision. Not even Michael Jackson. It comes down to trading your kids out for an opportunity, and making them the focus of your financial interests, as opposed to the child’s wellbeing.”

Feldman revealed that he once shared a room with Michel Jackson on an overnight trip to Disneyland, but that the pop superstar slept on a cot. He reiterated their conversations were not “even remotely sexual” in nature.

Corey Feldman previously blasted the documentary Leaving Neverland via a series of tweets, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. Feldman said his experiences with Jackson were the same as Robson and Safechuck’s — up until the sex part.

In the new Page Six interview, Corey Feldman acknowledged that while it would be hard for him to believe that accusations against the Michael Jackson that he knew, he admitted that “anything in the world of pedophilia is possible.” Feldman also said if the allegations against Jackson, who died in 2009, are ever proven to be true, he would be in “full support” of the singer’s accusers.

Corey Feldman isn’t the only celebrity who is calling out the parents of Michael Jackson’s accusers. On CBS’ The Talk, Sharon Osbourne, who has been part of the music industry for decades as manager for her husband Ozzy, blasted Robson and Safechuck’s negligent parents for letting their sons hang out alone overnight with a grown man. Osbourne compared the boys’ parents to “groupies” who were mesmerized by Jackson’s fame.

And indeed, even Michael Jackson’s alleged victims are blaming their parents for not protecting them. According to The Atlantic, the final scene of Leaving Neverland shows Safechuck saying he’s “working on” forgiving his parents. Robson’s brother says he might never forgive his mother, Joy, for what happened to Wade. And both mothers, Joy and Stephanie, say they do not forgive themselves.