Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Jordan Awakens & Ava’s Ready For An Early Honeymoon With ‘Kevin’

Craig SjodinABC

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital was a wild one from start to finish and spoilers tease that Wednesday’s will be similar. A number of people officially know now that Ryan is still alive and the authorities will be desperate to track him down. Teasers hint that there’s a lot set to go down before Ryan is caught and there’s plenty of action on this front coming during the March 6 show.

The sneak peek shared at the end of Tuesday’s show revealed one positive tidbit related to Jordan. It seems she’ll regain consciousness and Curtis will be able to tell her about the big development regarding Ryan. General Hospital spoilers tease that she won’t be fully out of the woods yet, as she does still need a kidney transplant.

However, it looks like Jordan is at least making some forward progress in her recovery. SheKnows Soaps details that Curtis will have to share heartbreaking news with somebody and fans are anxious to learn more about this tidbit. Is this related to Curtis telling Jordan about Ryan, and perhaps the attack on Franco, or will Jordan already take a turn for the worse in some sense?

Laura is desperate to get someone over to Ferncliff to rescue Kevin and Jason has realized that something’s amiss with Carly. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason won’t spend too much time waiting for Carly to reveal where she is as he’ll quickly begin to worry that she’s in danger. He’ll reach out to Julian to try to learn more about Ava’s plans and as the week continues he’ll hit the road trying to find his friend.

Viewers know that Ryan knocked Carly out and hid her in the trunk as he hit the road with Ava. The two are headed to Niagara Falls, which just happens to be where the teens got stranded after car problems. By the looks of the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show, Ava and Ryan may end up staying at the same motel where the teens are and fans know there’s got to be something in the works with this.

So far, Ava doesn’t suspect a thing about “Kevin” not being the man she thinks he is. General Hospital spoilers signal that she’ll be ready for some frisky time with her fiance and it’s going to take a little while yet before she realizes the truth about the man she’s with.

The real Kevin will manage to connect with someone and ask for help and General Hospital spoilers have revealed that somehow Jason will be crossing paths with Kevin at some point this week. Things are moving at a very fast pace at this point and all signs point toward another cliffhanger on the way before this ends.

Fans are buzzing over how intense things have become with this storyline and General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get even crazier in the days ahead. Viewers won’t want to miss what comes next as the chaos over Ryan’s return continues to send shockwaves throughout Port Charles.