Hoda Kotb Releases Second Children’s Book, ‘You Are My Happy,’ As Tribute To Adopted Daughter Hayley Joy

It’s hard to believe that Today Show host Hoda Kotb is already the author of not one, but two children’s books.

During this morning’s episode of The Today Show, the mother of one revealed to fans that she added another children’s book to her resume, one following her first book titled I’ve Loved You Since Forever. Her newest book is titled You Are My Happy, and on her show this morning, Kotb discussed the book with her co-stars and viewers.

According to Kotb, the story is based on a mama bear who has the nightly routine of putting her little cub to bed. During their bedtime ritual, the mama bear and her cub take time to talk about what makes them happy. Kotb says that the book mimics her own bedtime routine that she shares with her daughter, Hayley Joy. Kotb said that this ritual is one of the best parts of her day.

“Every night before I put her down, I always say to her, ‘You know what my favorite time of the day is?’ And I would just say, ‘Right now,'” Hoda explained to viewers. “So about a week ago, I’m changing her and I’m putting her down for bed and I say, ‘Haley, do you know what my favorite time of the day is?’ And she looked at me and she goes, ‘Right now.'”


Since the nighttime routine is so special to Kotb, she said that she thought that it would be a good idea to write a book about it — because it’s really nice to take time and say thank you for the little things. Kotb also told viewers that being able to put Haley to bed is something that she never thought she would be able to do, and that she just wants readers to be able to enjoy the book as much as she does.

At the back of the book, Hoda pays tribute to her daughter via a photo of the two of them cuddled up next to one another. And when she isn’t playing the role of a mom, Hoda is busy at work. As The Inquisitr reported, Kotb recently shared her work day routine, saying that she sets her alarm for 3 a.m. and then 3:15 a.m. to get up and get ready for The Today Show. Luckily for her, she says, she is one of those people who can just pop out of bed and start her day.

One thing that helps her to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning is the fact that she doesn’t hit the snooze button — unlike many other people. Kotb warns others that the snooze button is trouble, and that nothing good ever comes of using it.

She also says that when she gets home from work, she puts her phone away and spends some quality time with her best friend — Hayley Joy.