Tom Hanks’ Granddaughters Have No Idea That He’s Famous

Tom Hanks poses as he attends the 18th Annual AFI Awards.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

From his iconic “life is like a box of chocolates” line in Forrest Gump to lending his voice to the lovable cowboy, Woody, for the Toy Story series, Tom Hanks has certainly claimed his spot among Hollywood’s world-renowned actors.

And while it may seem impossible for somebody to be out of tune with the actor’s fame, Us Weekly reports that Tom’s own granddaughters are completely oblivious to their grandfather’s popularity.

“They don’t care about him at all,” Tom’s son, Colin Hanks, admitted at the Good for a Laugh comedy benefit on Friday, March 1.

Colin and his wife, Samantha Bryant, are parents to eight-year-old Olivia and five-year-old Charlotte. The young girls spend plenty of time with their grandfather, but don’t seem to recognize his broad fame. Their bond is typical of most grandparent-grandchildren relationships, with Tom and his wife Rita Wilson spoiling the kids — even when Colin and Samantha don’t agree.

“The grandparents give them stuff they shouldn’t be having, and the grandparents don’t listen to what the parents are saying they should be doing,” the Life in Pieces actor explained.

And though Colin gives his children a daily reminder of their grandfather’s worldwide recognition, the girls seem to give it little acknowledgement.

“Children are great humblers,” the Band of Brothers alum explained to Us Weekly. “They don’t care what you do [or]…what you have done. They just want to do their kid stuff.”


Tom and Rita now have three grandchildren, after their son Chet welcomed a baby girl in 2016. The couple — who are affectionately called “papou” and “yia yia” by the youngsters, in accordance to Rita’s Greek heritage — are incredibly proud of their role as grandparents, and even labeled themselves “the most cool,” according to Closer Weekly.

A source revealed to the news outlet that the A League Of Their Own star is a “kid at heart,” and “thrives” on chasing his granddaughters around — or taking on a funny monster character when spending time with them. Rita enjoys singing and dancing with the kids. The revelation should come as no surprise, however, as the actor has admitted in the past that his happy place is with one of his grandkids on his knee or in his arms.

In between spending time with the kiddos, Tom continues his illustrious film career — one that his grandchildren are apparently oblivious to. The actor recently wrapped up production of the fourth installment to the Toy Story series, as well as A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. In the latter film, Hanks takes on the role of the iconic childhood figure of Mr. Rogers.