Man Discovers Girlfriend's 'Creepy Box' Resembling The One On Netflix's 'You'

According to a post on Reddit, a man claims that he discovered a box his girlfriend has in her possession -- one that contains a number of his things, and that has him "genuinely scared."

The anonymous man claimed on the Relationship Advice subreddit that his girlfriend of over a year has been keeping a secret from him.

While she was out one day, he says he got bored and started rummaging through some of her things. He was particularly interested in a box she kept hidden above her wardrobe.

Upon opening the box, he says that he was met with a horrifying collection of things he'd lost -- and things that had no business being in the box.

He lists an assortment of bizarre and strange items -- like missing pairs of mismatched socks, a toothbrush he'd lost on holiday, chunks of hair that may or may not have come from his comb, "Toe nail clippings," and receipts.

Digging through the box revealed even stranger items.

"A half used bar of soap. Boxer shorts. Used gum, A spoon," he lists off on the post.

But the strangest item was -- by far -- the most disturbing, he says.

"The most worrying thing was a used condom I found in there. I don't even know how she managed to keep that? And a few empty condom wrappers as well."
There were so many things found in the box that he didn't see them all. He reportedly felt so disturbed that he just put it all back on the wardrobe.

The anonymous man says the strangest thing about this discovery is how seemingly normal his girlfriend is. According to the post, he's never seen any strange behavior or had any previous inclination that she was odd or creepy in any way.

Reddit users have had a variety of reactions to the strange post.

Creepy Box
Pixabay | O12

Some have noted the similarity of the box to the one on the Netflix show You. In You, the main character is stalking his girlfriend. He keeps a box of things that belong to her, items that are just as random as the ones the anonymous original poster claims to have found.

This has prompted many to declare the post a hoax -- nothing more than a ripoff of the show.

Others are insisting that many of those items are commonly used in various rituals, particularly by witches performing "Romany magic."

A few have suggested that she's possibly a kleptomaniac, or burdened by some other compulsive mental illness. These posters suggest that she is aware that the box is creepy and wrong, but that she can't control her behavior.

Everyone seemed divided on whether or not he should confront his girlfriend about the box -- or rather run from the room screaming. In either case, everyone is in agreement that the box of random items is very odd, and that something should be done about it.