Neymar Spotted At Carnival With Arm Around Famous Brazilian Singer Anitta

According to a report by TMZ, famous Brazilian soccer player Neymar is living it up at Carnival in Rio -- and he's being accompanied by the beautiful Anitta.

The soccer star was at a massive parade on Monday at the Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when a photo was taken of him with his arm around Brazilian singer Anitta. He looked to be enjoying himself immensely.

While it's not clear if the two are dating -- or whether this was a fun getaway for the couple or just a romp through Rio as friends -- fans have long speculated some romantic spark might be there.

Neymar is certainly no stranger to partying, and it's something that many fans fear will lead to a premature end to his soccer career, according to ESPN.

Following his record breaking $250 million signing with Paris Saint-Germain, the superstar celebrated his birthday in Paris instead of taking it easy on his second foot fracture.

"I do not think that my social life hinders my performance on the pitch. In fact, I even find it funny that what I do off the pitch gets compared with what I do on it," he said in reference to concerns that his partying might be damaging his ability to perform on the field.

Neymar declared that -- regardless of the concerns -- he would do whatever he wanted.
"If I want to go out, I will go out, but I will know what I have to do the next day. If I have a match the next day, obviously I will not go out -- I will rest up for optimum performance."
It was reported that Neymar was returning to Brazil in order to speed up his recovery, though it seems that he is following through on his declaration that he would party if he wanted to.

The photo of Neymar partying it up in Rio suggests that the star is at the very least feeling better, assuming he isn't ignoring his injury like he did in Paris.

Fans have expressed mixed feelings about Neymar's attitude regarding his injury and his career -- as well as about his commitment to party, no matter what.

The soccer star has also stated that he doesn't feel the need to win the Ballon d'Or to be considered a good player, so long as the team wins the World Cup.

Some would prefer he focus on recovery in order to return to the field strong and ready to play. Others recognize that the man is entitled to live his life how he sees fit. However, few deny that Neymar is having a blast -- both on and off the field.