Demi Lovato 'Committed To Her Sobriety' Per 'Entertainment Tonight'

According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, a source says that Demi Lovato is "still sober and committed to her sobriety."

TMZ covered the heart-wrenching news of Lovato's heroin overdose in July of 2018. Paramedics reported that she was found unconscious at her home in Hollywood Hills.

First responders on the scene treated her with Narcan, and she was rushed to the hospital -- where she was able to make a full recovery.

The overdose that nearly took her life was the culmination of many years of having struggled with drug addiction. Before the overdose, she was said to have been sober for almost 6 years before falling prey to her addiction again.

Lovato herself broke the news of her relapse in June of 2018 through her song "Sober," in which she apologizes to family and fans for returning to drugs.

It seems that near-death experience is what she needed to get her life back on track, and to seriously commit to taking care of herself.

The source reports that Lovato separated herself from the toxic individuals in her life that were enabling her drug addiction. She also chose to live near an outpatient facility in Los Angeles in order to receive the care and support she needs.

There were apparently a few times that she hit bumps in the road on her recent path to recovery, even going so far as to go into inpatient care. However, the source says she's been doing well on her own for the past month or so.

One way she's been keeping herself busy is to dive back into her singing career. The source claims this has motivated her to stay sober -- and to remain healthy -- so she can get back up on stage.

The recent reunion of the Jonas Brothers sparked speculation that Lovato might become involved somehow, given her friendship with the group.

"Demi joining the Jonas Brothers is very much a possibility, but nothing is confirmed at the moment," states the source.

Some fans were concerned about how Lovato was doing after she closed her Twitter account in February of this year. According to Fox News, she had been receiving a lot of backlash over her comments on 21 Savage getting arrested by ICE.

"F**K Twitter. This is why I don't tweet anymore. If you're gonna come at me for making a joke, try coming at me with something original not involving drugs," she vented before deleting her account.

If the source is to be believed, then Lovato hasn't let the controversy from earlier this year get to her. She's reportedly staying sober and healthy.

Hopefully she'll continue to stay on track and be able to make a return to her singing career. Her fans hope she has put a history of drug abuse behind her, once and for all.