‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: ‘Women Tell All’ Heats Up With Demi Burnett, Courtney Curtis Drama

Craig SjodinABC

The Bachelor spoilers for Tuesday night’s “Women Tell All” special suggest that viewers will get to see quite a bit of contestant Demi Burnett. She may not have captured Colton Underwood’s heart, but she generated a lot of buzz among the show’s fans — and it sounds as if that will be the case again during this “WTA.” Not only will Demi bring some laughs, it seems she’ll do battle again with fellow contestant Courtney Curtis.

Demi went hard after Colton this season, but he ultimately eliminated her when she made an unannounced visit to his room while traveling abroad. The Bachelor viewers will remember her for her aggressive antics, her quirky sense of humor, and for some of the battles she had with fellow bachelorettes in the house. At one point, that included butting heads with Courtney Curtis.

As Newsweek detailed earlier this season, things got intense as Courtney started ranting about not getting time with Colton. She subsequently lashed out at Demi. Curtis insinuated that Burnett was immature, and Demi fought back by saying that Courtney was rude.

Things escalated from there, with Demi eventually telling Colton that Courtney was a “cancer of the house.” After that, Curtis told Underwood that Burnett wasn’t on the show for the infamous “right reasons.”

The preview for the “Women Tell All” shared on Twitter shows that Demi and Courtney will do battle again during Tuesday’s special. Burnett will spend some time in the “hot seat” on stage next to host Chris Harrison, but it sounds as if that segment is fairly mellow, with Burnett mostly talking about her mother.

Later on, however, the Demi and Courtney drama kicks in, and gossip guru Reality Steve says that it gets wild. The Bachelor previews have shown a touch of this, and it seems that Courtney will even get up, approach Demi, and shove a baby pacifier into her mouth. Obviously, this will solicit a big reaction from everybody, and Burnett apparently throws it back toward Curtis.

It doesn’t sound as if anything gets resolved between Demi and Courtney, and it’s doubtful these two will be close friends going forward. While the casting for this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise won’t be in place for a few months yet, many would bet that both of these ladies will be involved — if they’re both game to do it.

Whose side will fans take as Demi Burnett and Courtney Curtis butt heads again during Tuesday’s “Women Tell All”? The Bachelor spoilers suggest that things will get pretty intense as these two argue with one another again, and the pacifier bit will certainly be a first for the show should it be included in the two-hour special.