Wendy Williams’ Comeback Reportedly Receives Mixed Reactions From ‘Disappointed’ Fans

Dave KotinskyGetty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

Wendy Williams made her highly anticipated return to The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, and while many fans were elated about her return, others have expressed mixed reactions. Although Wendy discussed a number of topics on her first day back, according to Good Housekeeping, there was one topic of discussion fans felt some kind of way about — her marriage.

While sitting in her signature purple chair, Wendy Williams kicked things off by telling her viewers and fans how much she missed them. She also admitted she wasn’t sure how fans would react and if they’d be willing to wait for her to return.

“I missed you too,” Wendy said as her audience cheered. “Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I hit the block today. I didn’t know whether you would wait for me, whether you would understand. I had no idea what to expect. Thank you so much for waiting for us… I’m happy to tell you that I’m doing swell.”

“I’m sorry it took me almost 40 or 50 days. I know it’s been a long time. I’m sorry! I have to say, it’s not going to happen anymore and I feel good.”

Its no secret Wendy Williams has battled Graves’ disease for quite some time. As a result, fans were well aware of her condition. However, no one expected a two-week hiatus turn to last a full two months. As the weeks progressed, more reports surfaced with speculation of another reason for Wendy’s hiatus.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there was lots of speculation about Wendy’s marriage to Kevin Hunter being the reason for her hiatus. For years, there have been rumors about Kevin’s alleged cheating and his relationship with Sharina Hudson.

He’s been spotted in public with her on many occasions and some claim he appears to be living a double life. After so many reports of infidelity and even physical abuse, fans waited for Wendy Williams to address the situation once and for all. After addressing her hiatus, Wendy went on to discuss the bigger issues at hand — her marriage.

Despite the reports about Kevin and the incriminating photos of him with Sharina, Wendy refuted all of the rumors, insisting her marriage is just fine. Fans reportedly weren’t pleased with her response because they felt she wasn’t being honest. Since Wendy is known for keeping it real, many fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

“I’m a huge fan and hugely disappointed that she’s didn’t give us the REAL tea,” tweeted one person.

“We were all rooting for you… Tell the truth!” read another person’s tweet.

However, others defended Wendy Williams, insisting it comes as no surprise that she’d defend her personal life on camera. The vast majority of Wendy’s loyal followers also maintained that people should respect her decision. The talk show host’s response should come as no surprise because this isn’t the first time she’s made it clear she would stand by her husband.