Robin Roberts Talks Return To ‘Good Morning America’

To say it’s been a rough year for Good Morning America’s host Robin Roberts is a huge understatement. The host announced her medical leave from Good Morning Americaback in July when she was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called myelodysplastic syndrome.

Roberts, who has been sharing the news of her long journey to recovery throughout the duration is now set to return back to her rightful place with Good Morning America on February 20. In October she updated Good Morning America on her condition when she was released from the hospital, having admitted that it’s been a nearly fatal journey.

Speaking with George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts opened up just how special returning back to Good Morning America is:

“I know when I sit back down, and I look over and I see you and I see you and I see you and I see you, it’s going to be, all is right in the world. And it’s going to seem like no time has passed at all.”

While Robin Roberts has been through hell and back, so to speak, she is still a bit nervous about coming back to Good Morning America. On how it will feel to get back into the groove of things, Robin said:

“I haven’t done live television since the end of August,” she said. “So I’m a little bit nervous, but you got my back that’s what I’m not nervous about. I know that you have my back.”

Are you excited to see Robin Roberts’ triumphant return to Good Morning America?