Halle Berry Goes Fully Topless In The Kitchen For Latest Instagram Snap

Yes, it’s official: ageless Halle Berry can make any situation look sexy.

The actress, who is the living proof that there is such a thing as age-defying magic, turned up the heat once again on her Instagram page with a new topless photo. On Monday, she took to social media to share a snap of herself cooking in the kitchen without any shirt on, donning only a sparkly rose and silver skirt.

Clearly, the act of cooking eggs for Halle has to be undertaken with as minimal clothing as possible, and the possibility of getting dirty or burned is alien to her! With her left hand, the 52-year-old held onto an egg, while handling the pan with her right hand as she stands in front of a state-of-the-art stove while her back is turned toward the camera. Her striking back tattoo is fully visible, showing a plant stem and several leaves running from her neck to the bottom of her torso. Halle’s dark brown hair is styled into perfect loose curls, with a few contrasting blonde strings visible as well.

She was also in a dreamy mood, suggesting in her caption that she may be a “mermaid” — which, at this point, her fans probably believe anyway, as many still think she is hiding some sort of secret formula to immortality.


Of course, the Hollywood star’s ability to remain young is due to her strict fitness regime and a super healthy diet. On her Instagram stories, Halle shared a snap of her afternoon snack and it included several veggies and fruits such as strawberries, mango, watermelon, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. She also has a popular hashtag, #FitnessFriday, where she not only shares workout tips every week but often talks about the changes she has done to her diet throughout the years and how it’s important to listen to our bodies to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle.


She’s also a big fan of boxing, as she previously noted on Instagram.

“Nothing says warrior more than #selfdefense, and boxing can empower the true warrior in all of us. It’s also a high cardio workout that will definitely get your heart pumping!”

She often credits her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, for changing the way she embraces fitness and for constantly challenging her.

“One of the many reasons why I love working out with @peterleethomas is his inventive and fun exercises. He always keeps it new and fresh,” she said.