Jessie James Decker Reveals Post-Baby Body In A Neon Bikini & Fans Can’t Believe She’s Had 3 Kids

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Jessie James Decker whipped fans into a frenzy this week as she shared a slew of snaps of herself in a bikini during a trip to Cabo with her husband, football player Eric Decker, and a group of friends. As reported by Yahoo!, just less than a year after welcoming her third child into the world, Jessie flaunted her seriously toned body which had fans in disbelief that she’s actually a mom of three.

The country singer revealed her toned middle in a bright yellow two-piece as she soaked up the sun south of the border and posted all the proof to her social media account. The first adorable snap showed her sharing a peck with husband Eric while on a boat as he matched his wife of six years in a pair of yellow swimming shorts.

Other photos featured the group – which included football player Rob Gronkowski and girlfriend Camille Kostek – relaxing on the water, while Jessie shielded her eyes from the intense sun with a pair of round sunglasses and her hair up in a ponytail.

The comments section was flooded with praise for the singer and reality star, as Yahoo! reported that several social media users just couldn’t believe the star was a mom of three and welcomed her third child into the world just under 12 months ago.

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“Are you sure you had three kids?,” one Instagram user asked Decker in the comments section of the pictures posted online on March 4.

“No way you had 3 babies with that bangin bod!!! Looking gorgeous momma!!!,” another wrote.

But this isn’t the first glimpse at her bikini body that the mom of three has given her 3 million followers recently.

As The Inquisitr revealed earlier this week, the star was also showing off her amazing body in a coral bikini during a trip to the beach as she gave fans a look at her handstand skills alongside husband Eric.

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Decker previously attributed her amazing post-baby figure to the South Beach Diet. She told People last year that she’d lost 17 pounds in less than six months after giving birth to her son Forrest by sticking to the plan.

Back in 2017, she also opened up about how important exercise is to her life and revealed that she tried to get a workout in whenever she can – just not at the gym.

Jessie James Decker hosts a Book Release Party for her book 'Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food'
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“Even when I don’t have workout clothes on, I’ll do it,” Jessie told Delish. “Sometimes I’ll be like ‘Okay I have enchiladas in the oven, that’s going to take 20 minutes, I’m going to do 150 lunges right here in the kitchen — and I do it.”

But while her toned body may suggest otherwise, she added that she actually hates heading to the gym and prefers to exercise at home.

“I hate going to the gym,” the “Lights Down Low” singer said, adding that, “it feels like everyone is [staring] at you.”