‘NCIS’ Spoilers: Sean Murray Reveals If He Truly Believes Timothy McGee Is Leaving The Show


The NCIS fans are enjoying the 16th season of NCIS, but with each passing week, they keep waiting to see if Ziva David is going to show back up. We have all received proof that Cote de Pablo’s character is alive, but is she actually coming back? With the focus on Ziva and her possible return, there is an underlying storyline happening which could lead to another member of Gibbs’ team leaving for good and going out on his own.

Would Timothy McGee actually leave the boss, though? Sean Murray knows the rumors that have been floating around and he’s actually decided to come right out and address the idea that his character will depart the show.

Sean Murray has been around since the beginning of NCIS, but as The Inquisitr recently reported, there have been hints dropped that McGee could be on his way out.

In a recent episode titled “Once Upon A Time,” there was a private company that offered McGee a lot of money to work for them. They also sent him some techie-type gifts that were right up his alley and very enticing for someone such as himself who loves all of that kind of stuff.

While McGee didn’t exactly reject their offer, he didn’t actually take it either. Could one of the last-remaining NCIS originals leave the show? Sean Murray thought it would actually be best to speak on that whole situation.

With a 17th season likely for NCIS as one of the hit shows for CBS, Sean Murray knows what people are saying about Timothy McGee. He recently spoke with Cinema Blend and decided to address the idea that McGee may leave the team in the near future.

“You know, I think there could be other circumstances in which it would play out. But I also feel that during [‘Once Upon a Tim’], McGee kind of realizes that where he is is where he belongs, and it was the right decision for him to, take this career path. And I think he’s real happy with the people that he’s with, so I don’t think McGee’s going anywhere.”

NCIS has seen a number of team members leave over the years, but some of them have not departed due to their own decisions. Still, Timothy McGee appears to be comfortable with where he is in life and working under the guidance of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Anything is possible to happen in the current season of NCIS or those to come, but fans can rest easy knowing that Timothy McGee doesn’t really want to go anywhere. Of course, Ziva and Kate and some others didn’t want to either, but they were taken off the team by choices they didn’t actually make.

Speaking of Ziva…she’s alive, right? If so, where is she?