Zac Efron Hobbles Out Of Physical Therapy

According to a report by The Daily Mail, Zac Efron was seen leaving a physical therapy session on crutches, his first appearance outside of the hospital.

Efron was spotted leaving a session of physical therapy on Monday in Los Angeles. He was wearing a white Puma hoodie with the hood up over a black hat. The actor was also wearing shades and gray camouflage shorts.

He was limping out of the building with the aid of two crutches and large black leg brace. In one of his hands, he carried another blue soft brace, likely what he used in his exercises.

The movie star has been largely silent regarding his healing process and social media posts have been sporadic since the accident.

As covered by The Inquisitr, he first broke the news of his injury on Instagram in early February. The photo he posted was of him lying in a hospital bed with his leg bandaged up.

In the captions he explained that he had torn his ACL while "shredding the gnar" and chose to get surgery at the Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center to fix it. The procedure went well and he was on the mend.

He was silent until Valentine's Day when he posted a photo of picture of him taking a picture of a rose in the mirror on Instagram. The captions wished everyone a "Happy Valentine's Day!"

But it didn't contain any information regarding how he was doing.

The first bit of news that things were still going well came February 20 when he posted on Instagram. He was getting a haircut and mentioned that he was "Feeling fresh!" and doing well with his recovery.

This latest photo of him outside physical therapy shows that he's at least on his feet and working to improve his mobility. However, there's no telling if it's going well or if he's frustrated by his progress.

It's unclear what this injury has done for his career, but it's likely to present an obstacle until he makes a full recovery..

His upcoming film The Beach Bum comes out later this month on March 29. The trailer on YouTube tells the tale of a beach bum named Moondog, portrayed by Mathew McConaughey, who encounters numerous misadventures as he writes his novel.

Efron is portraying a character called Flicker, though little is known about the role.

In the meantime, fans are encouraged to see he is working towards recovery and wish him the best as he struggles towards full health.