Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: The Pieces Fall Into Place As Ryan Tries To Bail On Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers had teased that Monday would be a huge episode, and the hype definitely lived up to the reality. Ryan is scrambling to get out of Port Charles before his real identity is revealed, and he’s on the verge of accomplishing that. However, several key Port Charles residents are all edging toward the same conclusion, and this is setting the stage for a wild week.

As viewers saw during Monday’s show, Ryan became concerned when Carly questioned him about the Wilson connection. He ended up knocking her out and stashing her in the trunk before Felicia came to talk to him, too. Luckily, Felicia made it away unharmed, but a phrase “Kevin” used sent chills down her spine.

Felicia didn’t waste any time telling Mac and Lucy about the encounter, and viewers even got some flashbacks to the old Ryan and Felicia storyline. As this trio was talking through this shocker, Chase and Curtis were doing the same. They managed to get into Jordan’s voicemail and soon figured out that Jordan must have arranged a plan with Franco to lure out the real suspect.

Anna was stressing over her worries about perhaps having Alex’s memories, and this has a Ryan connection, too. Anna and Finn overheard others talking about Ryan, and all at once a handful of people are finally understanding why Kevin’s been acting so strangely.

Tuesday’s show should pick up where all of this action left off. General Hospital spoilers share that Laura will head into the secret passageway she and Kevin discovered, but she’ll end up doing it alone. She Knows Soaps notes that she’ll be feeling hopeful about this potential escape, and it sounds as if Kevin will be freed somehow soon, too.

The Inquisitr detailed that Jason would soon realize that Carly is missing, and he’ll soon become central in resolving this crisis. While there is more with some of this coming during Tuesday’s show, the sneak peek for the March 5 episode suggests that viewers will get quite a bit of Sam and Shiloh drama, too. Sam is still working her plan to figure out what Shiloh’s really all about, and she’ll talk with Jason about where things stand.

In addition, viewers will learn that the teen crew ran into car trouble while out of town and they’re temporarily stranded. Fans suspect that they’ll end up crossing paths with Ryan in some way, and now it looks like it could be at the cabin they’re at rather than via a car accident.

Franco is still in dire shape, but it seems he may show signs of recovering consciousness during Tuesday’s show. Elizabeth will be right by his side and a lot of people are anxious to be able to see what he has to say.

While Monday’s episode of General Hospital was a wild ride, spoilers tease that the rest of the week may be even crazier. Can Ryan be caught before anybody else is seriously harmed? The show has spent months building up to these next few shows, and fans cannot wait to see how it all ends.