‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Episode 10 Brings More Shockers With Colton Underwood’s Dates In Portugal

Josh VertucciABC

The Bachelor fans finally got their fence jump from Colton Underwood during Monday night’s episode and people cannot wait to see just what goes down during the next show. There have been a lot of spoilers floating around about how this season ends and everybody will be anxious for additional details to emerge. Where do things reportedly head in Episode 10 set to air on Monday, March 11?

Viewers have a lot of Bachelor-related hours to watch over the next week or so. Tuesday night brings the “Women Tell All” special and that will surely include an extended sneak peek into the final two episodes. Some additional spoilers should emerge over the next few days about how things break down between Monday’s Episode 10 and the finale airing on Tuesday, March 12, but a few tidbits are available now.

ABC’s synopsis for Episode 9 teased that the twist that came at the end of Monday’s show would leave everybody speechless. The network’s Bachelor spoilers noted that what Colton will do next will change everybody’s journey and that ultimately, his worst fears might be realized.

As everybody saw Monday night, Underwood had a good fantasy suite date with Tayshia Adams. However, when Cassie Randolph’s came, everything turned upside down. The official synopsis for Episode 10 isn’t available yet, but spoiler king Reality Steve has shared what he’s learned about the next pieces of the season.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that Hannah Godwin never gets her fantasy suite overnight date. Previews have shown her talking about how excited she is for the date, but fans may have noticed that there hasn’t been any footage shown of her actually on the date with Colton.

Specifics regarding the craziness that comes at this point are somewhat uncertain, and it’s not known yet exactly where Episode 10 will end. However, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that Colton will eliminate Hannah rather than take her on her date.

Underwood supposedly tells Godwin that he’s realized Randolph is the woman he loves and wants to be with, and with that, he eliminates Hannah. Obviously, things aren’t quite that cut-and-dried when it comes to being in love with Cassie and choosing her at this point, but it seems that Colton stands firm on not moving forward with Hannah any further.

Not only does Colton apparently eliminate Hannah before she even has her date, Reality Steve says that he’ll reconnect with Tayshia and also eliminate her. It’s not known yet which lady he talks to first or whether all of this will be shown Monday or not. Ultimately, though, The Bachelor spoilers signal that for at least a portion of this journey, Underwood will have no women actually still on the show.

All season long, viewers have been buzzing about the fence jump and what that meant for the season. Now fans have seen the jump, they’ve seen what led to it, and they now know that things may get even crazier before the season wraps up. Stay tuned for additional Bachelor spoilers as Colton Underwood’s final episodes approach to see what more is revealed before this season is said and done.