‘One Piece’ Episode 875 Spoilers: Big Mom’s Tantrum Ends, Strawhats, Germa 66 & Sun Pirates In Huge Trouble

Will the Strawhat Pirates leave the Whole Cake Island alive?

One Piece features Strawhat Pirates' former bounties.
jennifer Broun Conor / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

Will the Strawhat Pirates leave the Whole Cake Island alive?

One Piece Episode 875, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, started with Emperor Big Mom finally getting the wedding cake recreated by Strawhat Pirates cook Vinsmoke Sanji, Charlotte Pudding, and Charlotte Chiffon. Charlotte Perospero, Charlotte Mont-d’Or, and other members of the Big Mom Pirates are worried that the Strawhat Pirates might have put poison in the wedding cake.

However, the Big Mom Pirates have no choice but let Charlotte Linlin eat the wedding cake since she could end up destroying the entire Whole Cake Island. Chiffon tried to stay near the cake as long as she could. Chiffon wanted to see if Emperor Big Mom will really have a huge smile on her face after tasting the wedding cake like what Sanji said during their preparation.

Fire Tank Pirates captain Capone Bege decided to carry Chiffon far away from the wedding cake to prevent themselves from being in great danger. Luckily, before they could no longer see the wedding cake, Chiffon saw her mother taste it and witnessed her precious reaction. One Piece Episode 875 showed Emperor Big Mom’s tantrum finally coming to an end.

Emperor Big Mom has regained her normal body with just a few slices of the wedding cake. Perospero announced the good news to the entire Whole Cake Island via Den Den Mushi and gave all the credit to Pudding, who is sitting in a dark alley at Cacao Island, crying while remembering her sweet memories with Sanji.


One Piece Episode 875 also featured Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates on their way out of the Whole Cake Island. While the Vinsmoke family and the Germa 66 are fighting at Cacao Island, another reinforcement came to help the Strawhat Pirates escape — the Sun Pirates. Aladine and the Sun Pirates expressed their willingness to serve as the Strawhat Pirates’ shield as a farewell gift to their former captain, Jinbe.

Jinbe is very thankful to the Sun Pirates. He also realized that they were the one who disabled the Big Mom Pirates’ territorial sea slugs that serve as surveillance in the Whole Cake Island. However, despite having the Germa 66 and the Sun Pirates on their side, the Strawhat Pirates are still having a hard time finding an escape route.

After learning the good news about Linlin, the Big Mom Pirates became more aggressive in capturing the enemies. Charlotte Brulee found ammunition that can penetrate the Germa 66’s Raid Suits, while Charlotte Oven used his devil fruit power to boil the seawater, forcing the Sun Pirates to retreat to the bottom of the ocean. To make things more complicated, One Piece Episode 875 featured the arrival of Queen Mama Chanter, the Big Mom Pirates’ main ship, at Cacao Island. The final scenes of One Piece 875 showed a ship burning together with the Strawhat Pirates’ flag.