Michael Jackson Fans React To Shocking Allegations In ‘Leaving Neverland’

Singer Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Maria Superior Court before testimony in his child molestation trial
Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

Michael Jackson fans were shocked after watching the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland on Sunday night.

According to People Magazine, Leaving Neverland sparked a huge reaction from fans of Michael Jackson online and started a debate about whether or not the King of Pop really did the horrible crimes that he is being accused of in the documentary.

In the film, Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim that Jackson had sexually abused them when they were children. Meanwhile, the Jackson estate is suing HBO and calling the documentary a rehashing of discredited information.

The reaction on social media was overwhelming, with viewers on both sides of the debate weighing in with their opinions on Michael, Wade, James, and the stunning allegations the men have made against the late singer.

While many of Jackson’s loyal fans still defend him as misunderstood to this day, many viewers spoke out in disgust and disbelief over the contents of the documentary, throwing their support to Robson and Safechuck while criticizing their parents and the other adults who allowed them to be in that situation as young boys.

“It’s amazing how brainwashed MJ fans are even now. I believe Wade & Jimmy. MJ was not a saint or God he was a fallible human being just as capable of evil as anyone else,” one viewer tweeted.

Actress Amber Tamblyn even weighed in on the documentary via her Twitter account, revealing the dangers that lurk in Hollywood for young boys and girls.

“As a former child actress, I can’t help but watch this documentary and think about how wrong it is for children to be put in the position of performing for the soul purpose of pleasing adults. It’s such a slippery, dangerous, often abusive slope,” Amber wrote.


Meanwhile, others were upset about the documentary’s timing, revealing that it seemed unfair to come out with the foul and disturbing details of the alleged sexual abuse when Michael Jackson isn’t alive to explain or defend himself against the allegations.

Although Robson and Safechuck had denied being molested by Jackson in the past, they are both now claiming that Michael sexually abused them for years when they were very young.

Robson even appeared at Jackson’s 2005 sexual abuse trial in defense of the singer, who was later acquitted of charges. The denial has often led some to question the motives and truth behind Wade and James’ stories.

Part one of Leaving Neverland aired on HBO on Sunday, and part two will air on the network on Monday night.