‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Things Get Weird Between Carl & His Boss

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As those who have been following Season 9 know, Carl (played by Ethan Cutkosky) picked up a real job working at a seafood joint to help bring in the necessary funds to pay the bills of the Gallagher household after Debbie took over and insisted everyone needed to do their part to help. Initially, he started out as a sign twirler. He, however, quickly worked his way up the ladder and is now working inside of the store as a cook.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for this week’s episode.

In tonight’s episode of Shameless, we see things get a little weird between Carl and his boss. As those who have been watching the last few episodes know, it is clear his boss has a thing for him based on some of her choices of words. During his very first day on the job, she actually offered to help him get into his costume.

Tonight, his boss crosses an uncomfortable line when she realizes Carl is stressed out and depressed as he’s lost both his girlfriend and the school he was hoping to go to. Realizing he is under a lot of stress, his boss said she would normally offer to give him a sexual favor to help calm him down. She, however, quickly clarified it was just a joke as those types of favors in the workforce were frowned upon in today’s society.

Jess Gabor as Kelly and Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher in SHAMELESS
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Once she left the kitchen, one of his co-workers approached Carl and told him that he made the right choice turning the boss lady down on her offer to help him relieve some stress. According to Carl’s co-worker, he took their boss up on the offer once upon a time and it was a decision he regrets. His co-worker went into graphic detail about the unpleasant experience before walking away.

While Carl hasn’t really said anything or even really acknowledged the fact that his boss clearly has the hots for him, it hasn’t stopped fans of Shameless from noticing. Many fans have even taken to Facebook fan groups and other forms of social media to joke that Carl hardly needed Kelly anymore as he clearly had a cougar girlfriend in his future.

Many fans, however, do not think Carl’s boss is nearly good enough for the young Gallagher. There were even a few fans who took issue with the fact that Carl’s boss was clearly harassing him.

The Season 9 Finale of Shameless airs next Sunday only on Showtime.