Danish Man Discovers Tooth Growing In His Nose, Responsible For Loss Of Smell And Congestion


A Danish man recently received some unusual and perhaps frightening news. As Sky News details, an unnamed 59-year-old man from Denmark was recently relieved after years of symptoms related to his nasal passageways. Discharge, congestion, and a loss of smell had plagued the anonymous Dane for years until doctors discovered an extremely bizarre cause for his maladies — a tooth growing in his nose.

The symptoms were decidedly worse on the left side of his nose, according to Global News, and the patient had tried an endless litany of remedies to ameliorate his suffering — going so far as to apply topical steroids in the hopes that it might work. Finally, after having been subjected to a CT scan, the patient learned that there was a now-obvious reason for his chronic symptoms — a “supernumerary” tooth.

In extremely rare cases, teeth can grow upwards into the nasal cavity rather than descend downwards into the mouth. Over the course of approximately half a century, only 23 cases of this occurrence have ever been formally documented. Beyond that, it seems likely — at least according to physician’s accounts — that the 59-year-old had lived with the tooth in his nostril for many long years. Dr. Milos Fuglsang documented his findings as pertain to this particular case in the medical journal, BMJ Case Reports.

“Our patient most likely had the intranasal retained tooth most of his life, but had late onset of symptoms.”

In his younger years, the man mentioned, he had been subject to significant facial trauma, but upon inspection, doctor’s did not attribute this incident to the tooth being present in his nasal cavity. Using an endoscope, doctors at the Aarhus University Hospital quickly performed surgery in order to extract the errant tooth. The tooth was removed by the usage of a pair of forceps and was covered in mucus at the time of its retrieval, per The New York Post.

Doctors present also discovered another slightly more common aberration in the man’s nasal cavity. A septal spur, something which amounts to a bony growth which can occlude the nasal passageway, was also present. Upon examination, however, physicians agreed that this bone outcropping was not the cause of the patient’s described symptoms.

While many people suffer from nasal congestion, leakage, or sinus pain, it’s unlikely that many sufferers have faced news this bizarre.

According to The New York Post, the patient saw his symptoms fully resolved and suffered no further complications from the affair.