Mexico’s ‘Hottest Weather Girl Ever’ Yanet Garcia Shows Off World-Famous Cleavage & Derriere In Squat Rack

Yanet Garcia may be known around the world for her iconic silhouette and ample feminine assets — having been dubbed the hottest weather girl ever by TMZ, per YouTube — but it obviously takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to achieve these results. In her most recent shares made to popular social media platform Instagram, Yanet can be seen questing for an even more perfect body, taking to the squat rack to do so.

In her most recent share, Yanet takes her position within a power rack — or squat rack — and performs some slow squats while shouldering the bar and two large plates. A small audience is in attendance, watching her workout, while loud gym music can be heard blaring in the background. Clad in a skin-tight black sports bra and matching athletic pants, the brunette bombshell leaves very little to the imagination. Her prominent cleavage, extremely sculpted abs, and toned thighs are on full display as she performs her routine.

The share is comprised of two clips, and the second one captures Yanet in profile as she switches gears. Performing some stretches against the heavy piece of gym equipment, a professional camera crew can be seen filming the entire affair to her rear. Accessorizing her look with a baseball cap, one which contains her hair in a simple ponytail, the Mexican model and weather presenter appears to be all business.

Captioning the two brief video clips with a flame emoji and the day of the week, Yanet Garcia let her efforts do the talking. Her fans seemed to enjoy the candid insight into her fitness regimen, showering over 12,000 likes on the footage in very short order. Just before having shared these workout clips, the brunette bombshell also posted a static image of herself in different athletic gear — this time looking contemplative while sharing some inspiration with her audience.

Donning curve-hugging gray yoga pants which present her pert posterior in great detail in addition to a muscle top tied at the waist to expose her muscular midriff, Yanet appears a natural beauty no matter what she opts to wear. In the caption of this image, Yanet exhorted her devotees to put their faith in themselves, writing that everyone has an inner wellspring of strength.

In response to her encouraging post, one Instagram fan wrote, “It’s all between the ears. Everyone has talent and strength. Just depends if they recognize it, strong enough to go through what needs to be done and execute. Period. If you don’t believe or ‘be’ you’ve become your worst naysayer.” This long rumination was trailed by a peace sign emoji, a flexing emoji, and a heart emoji.

Yanet Garcia has risen from the rank and file of Instagram models to become an internet sensation. Her 9.3 million followers love seeing everything which she opts to share, and can’t wait to see what comes next.