'Playboy' Model Joy Corrigan Goes Braless In Completely See-Through Shirt

Playboy model, Joy Corrigan, is showing off her famous figure on social media, and her fans are loving it.

Over the weekend, Corrigan took to her Instagram account to post a photo of herself sporting a very revealing outfit. The model is seen sitting on a desk while wearing a hot pink skirt. Her long, lean legs are on full display as she strikes a sultry pose for the camera.

Joy also sports a pair of animal print heels and a completely see-through shirt, which she goes naked underneath to show off her bare chest through the sheer material.

Corrigan poses with one of her hands behind her head, and her shirt partly unbuttoned. She wears a full face of makeup, which includes dark eyebrows and lashes. She has light eye shadow on, along with dark liner and a berry color on her lips.

Joy adds to her look by sporting a chain with a dark pendant around her neck, a matching ring, and some hoop earrings. In the background of the photo, a stack of books is seen sitting on the desk next to her, with a chess board on the bottom shelf of the desk. A red, white, and black piece of artwork that reads, "I love you!" is also hanging on the wall.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Joy Corrigan is no stranger to posting sexy photos of herself on Instagram. The Playboy model often shares risque snapshots of herself wearing skimpy outfits and bikinis, showing off her skin on a regular basis.

During an interview with Maxim Magazine back in November, Joy opened up about what is the most important to her, revealing that family means everything and that she is looking for a man who feels the same way.

"Family is also very important to me, so if he has strong family values, he's a keeper. For me healthy equals sexy, so a guy who takes care of his body by eating healthy and working out is super attractive," Joy stated of her ideal man.

Meanwhile, Corrigan also says that any man she dates has to have a competitive streak, and love to taking her on and challenging her.

"If I'm dating someone, one of my favorite ways to connect is through a competitive activity — whether it's boxing, chess, or a cook-off of our favorite dish," Joy confessed.

Fans can see more of Joy Corrigan by following her on Instagram.