English Actress Chelsee Healey Shows Off Dramatic Postpartum Weight Transformation

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English actress Chelsee Healey, perhaps most known for playing Janeece Bryant in the BBC school drama Waterloo Road, has undergone a dramatic weight loss after the birth of her daughter, reports the Mirror.

The 30-year-old actress, who has been famous ever since she was in her teens, has had quite a tryst with altering her body. She has previously admitted to undergoing two boob jobs, and after giving birth to Coco last year, she has confessed that she is considering another one, as well as butt lift surgery.

Speaking to Closer magazine last year, she said that surgeries do not always work out as planned and presented a risk.

“I still don’t like my boobs, so I’ll have a second reduction to go down to a B or C cup. My bum’s a bit saggy, too, so I could do with a bum lift,” she said.

Healey went on to say in the interview that she has thought about having surgery again following the birth of her daughter, but she is still not sure of going ahead with it as “bum lifts” can go out of fashion in the years to come.

The actress was the target of much online ridicule after her first date on Celebs Go Dating went awry. Many social media users said that she was rude on TV and, because of that, she was thrashed online.

Chelsee Healey at MOBO awards function.
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Chelsee Healey at British Soap Awards.
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But Healey is unmoved. She does believe that her actions in the past have not always been the most mature — with the actress receiving her first breast augmentation surgery when she was just 18, which resulted in her breasts ballooning to size G at one time — but she has worked hard to revamp her body.

Healey had a nightmare back in 2011 when a wardrobe malfunction because of her huge breasts caused her embarrassment.

“My breasts were weighing me down, physically and mentally. I was so unhappy,” she said at the time.

“They were like two big balloons. I was totally out of proportion and self-conscious, which made me a target for bullies.”

But now after giving birth, Healey contends that she has much greater control over her body, and she is also not prone to making impulsive decisions. As reported, she has lost a lot of weight and believes other women not comfortable with their bodies must take a page from her book.

“It has been really tough, but now I can see that my idea of perfection looked ridiculous. Now, I’ve learned to be my own kind of beautiful and that feels amazing,” she said.

She is back on TV after Coco’s birth and people are definitely surprised to see her changed body. Healey credits the change to a tough workout schedule at home and a modified diet.

“I’m lucky, I’ve snapped back. I haven’t stopped eating, but I’ve just lost the two stones I gained,” she said.