‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Felicia Wants Answers, Unknowingly Confronts Her Worst Nightmare

Craig SjodinABC

The walls are closing in on Ryan Chamberlain this week on General Hospital, but not before he manages to wreak even more havoc. The serial killer is all set to take Ava away from Port Charles to get married. Friday’s episode had him getting things together for their trip to Niagara Falls. However, he will be held up a bit by two blondes who will stand in his way of escaping quickly.

Ryan is determined to make his getaway as quick as possible before the PCPD start closing in on him. He even has his trusty wooden box full of licenses from his victims that he has kept as souvenirs ready to take on the road trip. According to General Hospital spoilers coming from She Knows Soaps, Ryan will also stash Carly in the trunk of the car.

Carly was seen on Friday’s cliffhanger behind Ryan as he was looking through the box. The previews reveal that she will confront Ryan, not knowing who he really is at that point. All she knows right now is that he and Ava are in a rush to get hitched and she is wondering why.

There is another blonde who has plenty of questions to ask “Kevin.” The previews for Monday’s General Hospital reveal that Felicia will also confront the man who terrorized her many years ago. She just doesn’t know who he is yet. She wants answers from him, most likely concerning the list of victims that he has.

Lulu is remembering bits and pieces of her attack and the one thing that came to her was that there were nine victims on the list, not seven. That was what she was working on when Ryan came in to kill her in her office. Mac and Felicia were called over to talk to Maxie and Lulu about what Felicia could remember about the victims. Now, she is ready to get some answers from “Kevin” about them.

Ryan is becoming more unhinged than ever. Felicia will be lucky not to get herself stashed in the trunk as well. He is likely to quickly dismiss her. It is also likely that he already has Carly hidden in the trunk at that point. Felicia was Ryan’s only obsession until he met Ava Jerome. She was the reason that he was intent on escaping Ferncliff. It seems that he could care less about Felicia now that he is all ready to marry his one true goddess.

Felicia will be horrified when she learns that she has been conversing with Ryan Chamberlain all along. He has everyone fooled, but not for much longer.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. This is the one week you won’t want to miss.