‘Godfather’ Actor Gianni Russo Says Robert Kennedy Ordered The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe To Protect His Brother

Actor Gianni Russo appears at an event.
Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Gianni Russo knows how Marilyn Monroe really died, and it wasn’t an accidental drug overdose.

The actor famous for his role in The Godfather dropped a potential bombshell about the death of Marilyn Monroe. In a recent interview with the New York Post, he claimed that he has inside knowledge that she was murdered. But the tale gets even more twisted from there, as Russo claims that the killing was ordered from the highest reaches of the U.S. government.

The claims are part of an upcoming book, Hollywood Godfather, that chronicles Russo’s time spent both as an actor and around the mob.

To back up his claim that he had firsthand knowledge of Marilyn Monroe’s murder, Russo showed a picture of himself with the actress in 1962, just three days before she was found dead in Los Angeles. Russo, who said he was a high-ranking member of the mob, said Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana was trying to set a trap to catch Marilyn in a tryst with John F. Kennedy and his brother, Bobby Kennedy. The footage would then be used to blackmail the president into invading Cuba, which would open up the gambling circuit on the island nation for the mob.

Russo claimed that Marilyn found out about the scheme and threatened to go public, but was killed a few days later in an effort to keep her quiet. But Russo claims it was Bobby Kennedy, not the mob, who orchestrated her killing.

“A guy known as The Doctor — a killer for hire and an actual MD; he had done major hits for the mob — injected air into the vein near Marilyn’s pubic region,” Russo claims. “She died of an embolism, but it looked like drugs to the coroner.”

The potential bombshell claim has gotten quite a bit of attention, with many news outlets picking up on it. But there was also some doubt as to whether the actor was being entirely truthful. In the interview, he also claimed that he was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe — despite the fact he was 16 years old and she was 33.


As the Daily Star noted, Gianni Russo had a number of other incredible claims. He also wrote about meeting JFK at a presidential party in Las Vegas, where the president opened up about how cocaine helped alleviate his back pain. Russo also claims that Elvis Presley nearly killed him one time while recreating a scene from a Western movie using real guns.