‘RHONJ’ Star Melissa Gorga Says What’s Next In The Search For Her Third Sister

The storyline of a possible third sister played out on this season of 'RHONJ.'

Melissa Gorga appears on 'WWHL'
Paul Zimmerman / Bravo

The storyline of a possible third sister played out on this season of 'RHONJ.'

Other than going toe-to-toe with newcomer Jennifer Aydin and fighting with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice, part of Melissa Gorga’s Season 9 journey on The Real Housewives of New Jersey revolved around the search for her stepsister. Early on in the season, Melissa revealed that a psychic told her that she possibly has a third sister somewhere in the world from an extramarital affair her now deceased father had.

After asking her mother for permission to search for this alleged sister, Melissa decided to embark on the journey with the support of her family. The Envy boutique owner took a DNA test from 23andMe which yielded no results. This didn’t mean a third sister wasn’t out there somewhere, just that there was no one in the database matching her DNA other than family members she knew about. In an interview with The Daily Dish, Melissa explained where she’ll go from here in her search.

“I did the 23andMe and I feel like if it’s meant to be and this girl is out there she’s going to also do it and if she has an inkling that my father is her father, she’ll do it; she’ll do the test and I’ll find her,” she said.

Melissa then went on to say that she wouldn’t be taking any additional steps into finding her sister and hoped that if she was out there she would somehow find out about the show and that she was looking for her.

“If somebody says to her, ‘Hey that good-looking Italian guy that’s your daddy is also Melissa Gorga’s dad; get the test going,’ and somebody pops up that’s my sister, well, then we have a situation. Otherwise, I’m not really going to walk around and scream for her on the street,” Melissa continued.


It’s not a completely wild thought to think Melissa’s sister might catch wind of her search and reach out to her. Then again, the psychic could have been completely off and there is no third sister, to begin with.

Melissa is the youngest of three girls and has admitted over the years that her father strayed often in his marriage to her mother. While she holds her father in such high regard, she explained she was never okay with the way he treated her mother and still had some resentment over all the things that happened in the past. Melissa’s father, Anthony John Marco, died when she was just 17-years-old in a solo car accident.

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