Oregon Man Jeremy Taylor Trapped In Snowbound Car For Five Days, Survived By Eating Taco Sauce

Dan KitwoodGetty Images

Jeremy Taylor was just going out to get gas in his SUV, but instead the Oregon man found himself in a life-or-death drama over the following five days that had a happy ending, thanks to packets of taco sauce.

Taylor was driving in his Toyota 4Runner to get gas when he got stuck in some fast-falling snow. Unable to get his car out, Taylor hunkered down for the night and went to sleep alongside his dog, Ally.

As CNN reported, he woke up to find an even more dire situation. The show had buried the car even deeper overnight, so high that he couldn’t even walk to safety. Jeremy and Ally returned back to the SUV, where they waited and hoped someone would come looking for them.

But no one came on Monday, and no one came the following day. By Wednesday, a missing person report was filed and police began searching for Taylor.

Meanwhile, back in his snow-bound car, Taylor tried to stay warm by turning the car on for brief periods to run the heat. He found a few packets of taco sauce to eat, and while the report did not specify how he found water, he and Ally could have eaten melted snow that still surrounded the car.

Finally, a full five days later, a snowmobiler spotted Jeremy and his dog and called police. Authorities sent a construction vehicle that was able to dig out Taylor and his dog, and the two were still in good condition when they were found.

The story attracted some nationwide attention, with many sharing the story on social media and commenting on the strange food that kept him alive.

It could have been worse for Jeremy Taylor and his dog. Back in 2015, a 62-year-old hunter named Reginald Foggerdy went on a hunting trip to the Western Australia wilderness and got lost in the desert. As KDVR reported, Foggerdy was not well-dressed for the scorching weather, and ended up having to survive for six days wearing only a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals.

Foggerdy was found later by search crews hiding under the shade of a tree and eating the only thing he could find for sustenance: black ants.

Jeremy Taylor was reunited with friends and family after being rescued from the Oregon wilderness, the CNN report noted. He reported being a bit hungry, but thanks to the taco sauce packets, he was able to survive unscathed.