WWE News: Big Update On Harley Race’s Health After Ric Flair Says He Has Terminal Cancer


Early on Saturday morning, it was reported that Ric Flair told a bunch of fans that wrestling legend Harley Race was dealing with terminal lung cancer. The news came from a “Legends of the Ring” event in New Jersey where Flair and Hulk Hogan participated in a special Q&A session. By Saturday evening, a representative for the family of Harley Race has given an update on the former WWF/WWE superstar’s health and condition.

At the event, Flair told everyone that WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race had been diagnosed with lung cancer and that it was terminal. The 75-year-old has had to deal with numerous health issues over the years and that includes breaking both of his legs in a fall a couple of years ago.

Despite wrestling all around the world and winning championships in numerous promotions, Race never won a title in WWF. He did win the “King of the Ring” in 1986 and had a decent career there, which eventually brought about a Hall of Fame induction in 2004.

Ric Flair revealing the news that Race had terminal lung cancer was a huge blow to wrestling fans around the world. As the day went on, though, the diagnosis couldn’t be completely confirmed and no one quite knew what to make of Flair’s news.

Late on Saturday, Wrestling Inc. found out some good news by way of David Marquez of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. While Race does, unfortunately, have lung cancer, it is good to know that it is not terminal.

Along with that tweet, the Harley Race-created World League Wrestling also wanted to get some news out there to the fans. They wanted to have the fans know that Race appreciates all of the concern for his health, but he would really like privacy for he and his family at this time.

No one is placing blame on anyone for the news that spread around on Friday and into early Saturday, as that was what Ric Flair revealed at the event. It’s quite possible that Flair simply heard wrong from someone else and was simply passing along some information on someone he has known for a long time.

As of this time, Race is still taking independent bookings and is scheduled for WLW “Night of Champions IV” in St. Louis on March 9, 2019.

Harley Race is getting up there in years and had an absolutely stellar career in professional wrestling. He still has fans all around the world who would love to see him, meet him, and be able to thank him. While the news revealed by Ric Flair is sadly partly true, with Race having lung cancer, it is good to know that his diagnosis is not terminal.