‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint That Niagara Falls Could Prove To Be A Deadly Road Trip

Ryan Chamberlain is heading to Niagara Falls to marry Ava.

General Hospital teens on set.
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC Press

Ryan Chamberlain is heading to Niagara Falls to marry Ava.

A few characters are heading out on a road trip to Niagara Falls next week on General Hospital, but it may not be as fun as it’s expected to be. Spoilers hint that it may turn deadly for one or more of them as the serial killer story line is nearing its end soon.

Last week had Joss, Oscar, Cam, and Trina planning a secret road trip to the falls as part of Oscar’s bucket list. They are determined to go no matter what. They are expecting to have a fun time, but it looks like there is trouble ahead. General Hospital spoilers that were posted by Soap Central teases that Kim Nero will get a phone call that will leave her shaken. It’s more than likely that it will have something to do with Oscar.

It’s no coincidence that the teens aren’t the only ones who are heading to Niagara Falls. Ryan Chamberlain wants to marry Ava right away and they are heading out to the Canadian side to get hitched. Ava has no idea that “Kevin” is on the run. She will soon learn his true identity. She will also discover that they have a kidnapped Carly in the trunk of the car.

You know that the writers have something big planned ahead with both cars heading to the same area. Many are expecting the two cars to collide. The speculations swirling is that Carly’s baby will become a victim in all of this or that Oscar will die in the accident. Both of these scenarios would be tragic. The General Hospital spoiler that has Kim getting the phone call leaves fans to believe that this is the end for Oscar.

If the rumored car accident isn’t the plan, then it could always be that somehow Ryan and Ava will run into the kids and Ryan will hold them hostage as well. Joss would be shocked to see that her mother has been taken by the serial killer, too.


Ava is expected to be stunned when she finally gets a clue that the man she is in love with is her daughter’s killer that she has been looking for all along. Will that be before or after she marries Ryan?

Ryan’s wedding present to his new bride could very well be Carly. In his previous daydream, he envisioned Ava being thrilled to be given a present in the form of a tied up and gagged Sonny and Carly to do whatever she wanted with. He wouldn’t take too kindly to his gift being rejected by the woman he calls a goddess.

Who knows what Ryan will do next? Stay tuned in to General Hospital as a possible Niagara Falls showdown may be at hand.