Website reveals history’s gayest videogames

Gay lifestyle site has, fittingly enough, outed the ten videogames that it regards as the gayest titles ever made, and somehow Cho Aniki isn’t amongst them. Nor is Shenmue, actually, with its sailor-hunting hero Ryo Hazuki.

Titles that have made Out’s simply fabulous list include Super Mario Bros. (because it involves “cleaning pipes and taking names”), Contra (“Two bare-chested dudes on a mission neither can accomplish without the other”), and Kirby (“This pink-clad Nintendo character made swallowing cool again”).

Also, there’s, um … Pokémon (“Pikachu collects “tricks” and captures them in his magic balls”)? Yeah, me neither.

But what’s the gayest videogame of all time? Well, you’ll just have to go there yourself to find out. Is it really gayer than Cho Aniki? I don’t think so, somehow.

[Out, via Kotaku]