Jana Duggar Leaves Michelle Speechless After Bedroom Makeover, Jim Bob Calls It ‘Paradise’

Jana Duggar and her siblings surprise their parents.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrating anniversary.
Duggar Family / Duggar Family Facebook

Jana Duggar and her siblings surprise their parents.

Jana Duggar has done it again. She has left people in awe of her many talents, especially her mom, Michelle. John David’s twin has managed to surprise her parents with a whole bedroom makeover while they were out of town for a few days. She first posted photos of the before and after shots and said that this was the project that she and her siblings had taken on for a week and a half. It’s quite amazing what these kids can do when their folks are away.

There are no wild parties in the Duggar household. Instead, they conjure up a way to give back to them. Jana was the force behind the project as she gave instructions on her vision for the bedroom. As seen in photos on her Instagram, she lightened the room up with soft colors and transformed a wooden ledge under the window into a cushioned window seat. The eldest Duggar daughter also added in a desk for her mom in their little cubby-hole and plenty of extra shelves and storage spaces.

It was a family effort as everyone pitched in to help, including a few friends. In response to fans asking to see Jim Bob and Michelle’s reactions, Jana decided to post them seeing it for the first time. As soon as Michelle walked in, she was gasping with delight. She obviously loved the makeover. Her hand flew to her mouth and her eyes widened as she took in all that her kids did for them. Even their bathroom got an updated look to match the bedroom.

What did Jim Bob Duggar think of the new look? While he wasn’t as animated as his wife was, he did say, “This is like paradise.”

What sounded like Joy’s voice in the background, she explained Jana’s thought process to her parents as to why she and her younger siblings decided to do this.


“Jana actually said that, mama, you work so hard and you have never had an elegant room that feels like a queen’s palace, and we wanted to do that for you.”

Michelle wasn’t the only one who was almost in tears. Duggar fans admitted that they were getting choked up watching the video. There were lots of comments telling Jana that she needs to have her own HGTV show.

In the previews for this new season of Counting On, Jana Duggar is expected to make some sort of big announcement coming up soon. Many fans thought that it was about her courting someone, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe she is getting her own show, or will somehow use her talents on another show. You just never know. Keep watching TLC’s Counting On to see what Jana is really up to.