Chick-Fil-A Has A Brand New Cheese Sauce, And It's A Big Hit With Customers And Fans

Chick-Fil-A fans, take note. The much-beloved fast food franchise has debuted a brand new cheese sauce, and it seems to be a big hit with customers.

As reported by Buzzfeed, the chicken-centric restaurant has debuted a new cheese sauce to go alongside its pre-existing suite of condiments. The cheese sauce is quite different from Chick-Fil-A's current line of offerings. It's made from a mix of both Swiss and parmesan cheese. As opposed to the usual pre-packaged cups -- which come in one-ounce portions -- this new condiment comes in a three-ounce serving, and based on its packaging and lid type, it looks like this sauce is made and served fresh. The biggest difference comes with its price.

Unlike Chick-Fil-A's other line of sauces, the newly-introduced cheese sauce isn't offered for free. A three-ounce serving will cost customers $1.19. Buzzfeed notes that the amount of sauce is pretty substantial for the price.

As one might expect, the cheese sauce isn't exactly the most healthy sauce, but then again, neither is most of the restaurant's fried offerings. As noted on the official Chick-Fil-A mobile app, the sauce has a caloric content of 160 calories, the highest of the restaurant's condiments. Coming in second place is the titular Chick-Fil-A sauce at 140 calories, followed by the sweet Polynesian sauce in third place (110 calories). That being said, these caloric contents seem to be based on serving size -- with the cheese sauce sold in three-ounce servings, those numbers don't seem as bad.

As Delish reports, the restaurant introduced the cheese sauce at a few participating locations, but recently expanded its availability to 436 restaurants across the country. It's unclear if the delicious sauce will stick around for the long run, but fans on Twitter seem to be fans of the new condiment.
While the cheese sauce is available mostly across the Midwest and Northeast, some locations in the South also stock the cheesy condiment. That being said, the company has made it clear that the decision to serve the sauce is made by a restaurant's owner/operator.
Buzzfeed staffer Andrew Ziegler was a big fan of the cheese sauce, noting its versatility, and going so far as to claim it's better than the much-beloved Chick-Fil-A sauce.

"The cheese sauce tastes really good — better than Chick-fil-A Sauce in my opinion," Andrew wrote.

"It wasn't hot when we tried it because we had to transport it back to the office, but it was still a really dippable consistency at room temperature. It's basically a queso without any spice, and if you're like me (obsessed with queso) you can dip just about anything on the menu in this sauce."
To check if the cheese sauce is available in your area, be sure to consult the Chick-Fil-A smartphone app by creating a mobile order and checking to see if the condiment appears under the "extras" tab.