‘Trailer Park Boys’ Star Mike Smith Accused Of Sexual Assault

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Actor and comedian Mike Smith, who is best known for his portrayal of Bubbles on the hit-series Trailer Park Boys, was accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman, per a recent report by VICE News.

In 2005, a woman — who is simply referred to by the pseudonym Emma in VICE News’ article — claims that she met Mike Smith while she was out drinking with friends at a downtown Halifax bar. The woman alleges that Smith purchased drinks for her and her friends, who were also underage. In the province of Nova Scotia, the legal drinking age is set at 19 — Emma and her friends were 18 years of age at the time.

Emma claims that she was later sexually assaulted by Mike Smith at his home. As VICE News notes, Emma did bring the incident to the attention of local law enforcement. While police questioned Smith, they chose not to press charges. Emma opted to forgo pressing charges, after a law enforcement officer informed her that “fingers could be pointed” in her direction, considering she was drinking at a bar, despite being underage at the time.

Despite the sexual assault allegations being over a decade old at this point, VICE News came across the complaint in a months-long investigation into the Trailer Park Boys’ actions towards women. The outlet notes that Smith co-owns more than one bar in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which have come under fire for serving alcohol to minors. Multiple women have also been found passed out in bathroom stalls at Smith’s drinking establishments.

VICE News’ extensive investigation is summarized in its 6000-plus word report, which included reviews and analyses of police reports, medical records, and conducting multiple interviews with Emma and other witnesses.

At the time, Emma spoke to the police, detailing how Mike Smith knew she was underage, yet, he proceeded to get her and her friends into a Halifax nightclub.

“We told him we were underage and we didn’t think we’d be able to get in there. He knew that we were 18 and so he told us that he could get us in and it wouldn’t be a problem,” Emma told police.

One of the women Emma went out with, referred to by VICE News as Kayla — in an effort to protect her identity — wound up at the hospital on the same night in question.

After a night of drinking, Kayla claims she experienced unusual behavior, including hyperventilating and feeling “weird all over.” She had her boyfriend take her to the hospital, as she felt that someone “slipped something in her drink.”

“I know for a fact I had never experienced and have never since experienced anything like that night,” Kayla said in an interview. VICE News was unable to unearth any evidence that shows that Smith drugged Kayla.

Mike Smith denied the allegations, and his manager, Louis Thomas, commented on VICE News’ article. His response can be seen in the embedded tweet below.