WWE Rumors: Huge Changes Coming To WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, Per Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman


This year, WWE is putting D-Generation X into the Hall of Fame, and it will all happen over WrestleMania 35 weekend. The iconic stable is one of only two inductees named for the 2019 class as of this time, but more are sure to be named in the coming weeks. As years go on, though, change is usually inevitable and it appears as if some big adjustments could happen as soon as next month.

For years, there have been discussions on changing things up for the ceremony as it has often run too long. This may be the year that things are finally altered, but everything is strictly a rumor at this point.

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is one of the six members who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of DX. He has been making the media rounds lately and talking about going into the Hall, happy that Chyna is finally going to be inducted, and he’s also spoken of who could possibly induct the group.

In a recent YouTube interview with Sam Roberts Wrestling, X-Pac and Roberts discussed a few of the issues the ceremony has had in recent years. One of the biggest problems is that the acceptance speeches have gone very long, but WWE hates to take away from the honor being given to the inductees.

D-Generation X is going into the WWE Hall of Fame
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Last year, a number of WWE superstars began leaving the ceremony early and it was obviously noticeable, as seen from the floor level. Goldberg’s speech ran incredibly long at the end of the night of an already extended ceremony.

X-Pac said that he was advised there would be some changes coming to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and that DX should be prepared for it, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“Some things were explained to me when [Mark] Carano broke the news to me. He told me some things are going to change about the ceremony. Obviously, there were some things that were problems at pretty much of all the Hall of Fames, but especially last year. Guys just taking their sweet time [with their speeches].”

While inductees may be told to shorten their acceptance speeches, WWE could make another major change. It’s quite possible that the ceremony could be shortened by getting rid of inductors completely.

“Things are gonna change. There may or may not be inductors. I mean, I’ve seen some inductors take 30 minutes to f***ing give their inductor’s speech!”

Just a couple of days ago, Waltman was talking about who could possibly induct D-Generation into the WWE Hall of Fame and said that he’d like to see Mike Tyson do it. If these rumored changes do push forward, they might not need to worry about picking someone at all.