Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Model Martha Hunt Tugs Her Skimpy Swimsuit Aside, Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

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Blonde bombshell Martha Hunt — perhaps most famous for her modeling work with world-famous lingerie house Victoria’s Secret — has once again set Instagram ablaze with a series of sweltering snapshots and video clips.

In her most recent share, Martha appeared in a retro-inspired snapshot with a decidedly green color palette. Gesturing at once toward the sport of tennis as well as towards a bit of a beachy vibe, one imparted by the incorporation of a skimpy swimsuit into the composition, the American beauty managed to deliver a look that was both sensual and provocative in equal measure.

Adopting a dramatic and sexy pose, one which sees her squatting while wearing a pair of stark white tennis shoes, Martha tilts her head to offer a coquettish look beyond the field of view, her eyes obscured by mirrored aviators. Tugging her skin-tight green swimsuit to the side to reveal a generous view of her pert derriere in addition to a fair bit of sideboob, Martha arrested her audience, capturing their imagination and fixing all attention upon her iconic physique and hourglass figure.

A translucent lime-green visor contains her sun-kissed tresses as they are styled into a messy ponytail, loose locks spilling down her neck, back, and shoulders. Her lips are painted a pretty pink and are parted in a breathy expression. Martha completed the look with large hoop earrings, a natural makeup look, and a thin knitted top.

The shot is subjected to a harsh filter, one which greatly increases the brightness and contrast to great effect.

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Cheekily captioning the sexy snap with a squirting emoji, signifying sweat or something altogether more suggestive, the Victoria’s Secret model let the picture do the talking for her. It appears that her most serious devotees appreciated the effort that was put into the overall aesthetic, as they awarded the model over 50,000 likes, in addition to nearly 400 comments in a mere matter of hours.

One Instagram user wrote, “Goddess,” followed by a long line of flame emojis. A more critical and sarcastic user quipped, “Because everyone plays tennis like this. Young females take note.”

Martha Hunt was recently profiled, in part, by Byrdie. As 2018 drew to a close, the publication took to penning an article which claimed to divulge six things which the model had learned throughout her thus-far storied career. First amongst these, per writer Lindsey Metrus, was the importance of taking workouts seriously.

“Work out very hard. This year, I upped my game and I set a goal for myself to improve my squat form and my squats have gotten so much better,” Hunt was quoted as saying, in reference to the importance of fitness goals.