Lindsay Lohan Thrilled That ‘Canyons’ Won’t Go Straight To DVD

LiLo thrilled for "Canyons"

Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming erotic thriller The Canyons finally inked a distribution deal, and no one is more thrilled than LiLo.

We previously reported that the Paul Schrader/Bret Easton Ellis independent flick will be distributed by IFC. They secured North American rights to the film and are indeed planning on releasing it to theaters this summer, which has absolutely delighted Lohan and everyone involved.

A press release from Sundance Selects-IFC Films president Jonathan Sehring said:

“This film is a wild ride through the psyche of Bret Easton Ellis courtesy of Paul Schrader. Lindsay Lohan is terrific as Tara and James Deen will be a big surprise for people. We are thrilled that the filmmakers’ adventure in filmmaking 2.0 has brought them to our door.”

The Canyons boasts some talented folks behind-the-scenes, but the film hasn’t had a very easy road to distribution. The film was dropped completely by a number of film festivals last year including SXSW over “quality issues.”

The film is still pretty close to becoming a major flop, what with reports that it has “an ugliness and a deadness to it,” per THR, as well as continuing drama behind-the-scenes. Lohan’s personal life isn’t exactly in-step with her comeback ambitions, and Canyons co-star James Deen recently threw her under the bus for acting “like a child.”


But everyone involved in The Canyons really seems to believe in it, and the fact that IFC has enough faith to push it to theaters definitely says something.

“Finally the movie will be able to be seen, and viewers can judge for themselves rather than relying on the undeservedly snarky press The Canyons has received so far,” Ellis said in a statement, per MSN. “The Canyons, regardless of what you think of it, is an example of the next step in what will now be the future of post-theatrical feature-length content.”

And Lohan?

Are you curious about The Canyons? Here’s a short clip of the film: