Making Music ‘Grounds’ Selena Gomez And Helps To Keep Her At Ease, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Following a pretty rough year, singer Selena Gomez is finally getting her groove back.

Over the course of the past few weeks, Gomez has not dropped just one but two new songs including one titled “Anxiety,” as a collaboration with Julia Michaels, and another that dropped this week that’s titled “I Can’t Get Enough” featuring J Balvin, Benny Blanco, and Tainy. A source close to the singer tells The Hollywood Life that music is like therapy to Gomez and she’s having a blast hitting the recording studio and making new music.

“Selena has the most fun behind the mic either recording music or lending her voice to an animated film,” a source shares. “It really grounds her, keeps her at ease and brings her to a place that she really loves.”

The source goes on to share that the best moments in Selena’s life happen when she is in the recording studio and is able to be herself and create new music. And Gomez has been spending a lot of time in the studio and has been photographed entering and leaving music studios multiple times over the course of this past month.

So anytime that Selena can be in the studio either recording music or lending her voice to an animated movie like she did in the Hotel Transylvania film, she’s totally down. The insider also goes on to reveal that Gomez won’t ever get sick of the studio and she loves all of the good things that come when she spends time in one.


“She loves every moment and is always interested in continuing to record, whether or not the songs see the light of day,” the insider says. “It’s the closest to magic she can ever feel.”

And while she has been returning to music after completing her stint in rehab, she has also been making more appearances on social media as well. Following her time in therapy, Gomez now has a better outlook on life and she is more positive about things. The 26-year-old loves to give her fans sneak peaks of what she’s been working on on Instagram and she’s in a really good place.

As The Inquisitr shared yesterday, the singer shared a photo of herself to let fans know that her new song, “I Can’t Get Enough,” was finally out. In the snapshot posted to her account, Gomez looks stunning in a pair of pink silky pajamas as she lays on what appears to be a massive bed with white sheets. The photo has already earned Gomez a ton of attention with over 8 million likes in addition to 79,000 comments.

Way to go, Selena.