Camille Kostek Shows Off Curvy Body In Yellow Bikini

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Camille Kostek is certainly ready for the sun in her latest Instagram snap. The Sports Illustrated model uploaded a photo of her posing in a yellow bikini that perfectly showcases her toned body. The bikini bottoms ride high on her hips, showing off more leg and emphasizing her hourglass figure. The bikini top has a cut-out that shows a peek of her chest. Her body looks tanned and strong, and it’s understandable why she’d want to take a picture of the look.

Kostek quickly uploaded a follow-up photo with her boyfriend, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, modeling his own rockin’ bod in the background. Kostek jokingly wrote in the caption that she was being “selfish” in her previous post for not originally including Gronkowski’s sculpted torso.

According to Cheat Sheet, Gronkowski is proud of his girlfriend’s bikini body and the hard work she puts into it.

“It feels just unreal to say my girl is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model,” he said. “It’s just unreal the work she’s been putting in and the workouts she’s been doing to stay in shape … to keep the booty juicy! She’s always been putting in the work and always the time, and she definitely deserves it.”

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As for Kostek, she just appreciates getting to show off her hour-glass figure and inspire others, just as other women inspired her growing up.

“I remembered loving looking at JLo because she had a set of hips,” she said. “And I think that’s what so cool about this day and age is that you do have that reach. Being an older sister and having been a young woman, it’s super cool for these women to reach out and share their insecurities or something that they want advice on and kind of being able to be their inspiration.”

Kostek’s career has certainly taken off — in addition to being named a 2019 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and rookie, she has also competed in the magazine’s first ever Instagram-based model search. Kostek made the top 15 finalists and was invited to Belize for a photo shoot. The rest is history.

Gronkowski didn’t meet Kostek due to her surging modeling career, however. According to Bustle, Kostek was actually a former cheerleader for the Patriots from 2013 to early 2015. Kostek insists the two did not start a relationship until she was no longer a cheerleader for his team, and only got together later in 2015. While no longer cheering for the team on the field, Kostek still had plenty of Patriots pride and is said to be incredibly supportive of Gronkowski’s football career.

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was being selfish in my last post. Here we go

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